The Best Way To Fix Land Rover LR4 Suspension Fault (2022)

The Best Way To Fix Land Rover LR4 Suspension Fault (2022)

Troy Hammond
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The mighty Land Rover LR4 is as powerful off the road as it is smooth and luxurious on it. But a common Land Rover LR4 suspension fault can make that ride into one that’s uncomfortable—or even dangerous. But before you spend thousands repairing your air suspension at the dealership, read this article to learn more about your LR4 suspension and understand what options you have for fixing it.

How to tell if your Land Rover LR4 has suspension problems

The most obvious sign of suspension issues in your Land Rover is, of course, the suspension fault light on the control panel. This warning light comes on when the car’s computer detects an issue somewhere in the suspension system. 

However, even the biggest suspension problems start as small issues—issues that your system may not detect. There are a few early warning signs of a bad Land Rover LR4 suspension to look out for:

  • Swaying or drifting: Your Land Rover ride should be strong and steady. If it sways or drifts while going through turns, the suspension could be having issues.
  • Long stopping: Your suspension absorbs the force coming to a stop. So if it’s worn out, your LR4 will take longer to stop. If your brakes aren’t the problem, a long stopping distance could indicate suspension problems.
  • Bouncy ride: The suspension in your LR4 is built to provide a smooth ride. If you’re feeling a lot of bumps and dips in the road while driving, you likely have an air suspension problem.
  • Compressor noise: You should hardly hear the air compressor in your Land Rover running. If you hear loud noises coming from your suspension compressor, there could be a leak somewhere.
  • Sagging: If your Land Rover is sagging to one corner or side, the suspension is likely to blame. This is most common in the rear end of the vehicle but it can happen at any wheel.
  • Bounce test: When you push down hard on your bumper, it should pop back into place quickly. If it’s slow to rise or bounces before settling, you could have a suspension problem.

Land Rover LR4 air suspension components

Air suspensions are highly complex systems that use lots of moving parts and electronics to provide a smooth ride.

Here are some of the main components:

  • Ride height sensor. This small component takes mechanical readings of your Land Rover’s ride height and sends them to the control module.
  • Suspension control module. This computer is the “brain” of your LR4 air suspension. It uses information from the ride height sensors to inflate or deflate the active struts as needed.
  • Air compressor: Your Land Rover’s suspension air compressor generates the air needed to inflate your struts. It also pumps this air to the springs.
  • Air lines: Rubber air hoses carry air from the compressor to the struts.
  • Air springs: Sometimes referred to as air struts, gas struts, or air bags, these air springs are made of flexible rubber and inflate or deflate as necessary to keep your LR4 at the proper ride height.

Fixing your Land Rover LR4 suspension at the dealership

Fixing Land Rover LR4 suspension

Fixing anything on a Land Rover at the dealership is expensive. That’s also true of fixing any air suspension. Put those together, and you can be sure any Land Rover LR4 air suspension repairs are going to cost you.

Replacing just one air strut with an OEM Land Rover component can easily cost over $1,000 just for parts. And since air suspension parts tend to wear out at the same age, it won’t be long before you need to replace another one. Your LR4 suspension control module and air compressors are also expensive parts that tend to wear out.

Even though smaller components like ride height sensors may not cost a fortune on their own, those costs start to add up quickly. As your Land Rover air suspension ages, those repairs will become more frequent.

Fixing your LR4 suspension with aftermarket parts

You can find replacement Land Rover LR4 air suspension components from third-party manufacturers online. These parts are cheaper than OEM components and many are just as good, if not superior to the originals. 

But these are still high-tech components. Aftermarket air suspension parts for your LR4 won’t come cheap. One air strut can still cost you several hundred dollars. A third-party air compressor will cost well over $500.

And there is still the cost of labor to consider. Land Rover labor, as any owner knows, is also expensive.

Since air suspension systems are complex, they’re also complex to work on. Even if you save a few hundred dollars on parts, you’ll still face massive labor bills to repair your Land Rover LR4 air suspension.

Land Rover LR4 suspension fix alternative

There is an alternative to spending thousands of dollars to fix your air suspension. Strutmasters now offers one of its renowned suspension conversion kits for the Land Rover LR4.

Recommended Solutions

This kit allows you to get rid of your air suspension system entirely and replace it with a much more reliable coilover system. Rather than computers and compressed air, your Land Rover LR4 will sit on sturdy coil springs and durable solid struts. The result is a dependable ride that still offers the comfortable ride you’d expect from your Land Rover—all for a fraction of the cost of LR4 air suspension repairs.

As a leading suspension solution provider since 1999, Strutmasters understands the importance of quality manufacturing. That’s why each kit is made in the USA with the highest-quality materials available.

The cold-wound steel springs in these kits have been obsessively tuned and rated for your Land Rover. With Strutmasters Glide-Ride technology, you’ll get a ride that’s as close as possible to your original LR4 suspension.

Installing a Strutmasters Land Rover LR4 suspension kit

Strutmasters kits are designed to be simple and easy enough to install for the average DIYer to complete installation at home. With a few wrenches, some other common tools, and a sturdy jack, many Land Rover owners will be able to complete the installation in about an hour per wheel.

But even if you don’t DIY the installation, the simplicity of the kit means installing it will be a breeze for any mechanic. That translates to less time in the shop and a much lower repair bill. 

Strutmasters: Quality guaranteed for your Land Rover LR4

Strutmasters stands behind the quality of each and every one of its products. That’s why the company is proud to offer guarantees to back that quality up.

Each kit comes with a one-year warranty on its components. The springs themselves come with a limited lifetime warranty. That means you can count on your new LR4 suspension for many miles to come.

If you’re ready to convert your Land Rover LR4 air suspension and save money, you can buy the kit online and have it shipped to your home or preferred repair shop. You can also use the chat bot to the right hand side of your screen for assistance.

If you still have questions or want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need, you can also reach out to our Suspension Experts at 866-597-2397. They’ll be happy to assist you and help you get back on—or off—the road in your LR4.

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