Has Your Car Been Recalled? How to Find Out Now

Has Your Car Been Recalled? How to Find Out Now

David Straughan
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Did you know that some or all of your car may be recalled? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 51 million recalls of cars in 2015 alone! People in the automobile industry expect this number to continue to rise as government regulators get more aggressive and as public complaints get easier to lodge with the internet and social media.

How does a recall happen?

Ideally, the manufacturer notices a problem before it becomes too widespread and issues an immediate recall of the affected vehicles. In some cases, however, consumer groups have had to petition the NHTSA to pressure manufacturers into issuing a recall when the company has tried to ignore complaints. In either case, it is best to stay on top of potential recall news, especially if you suspect there might be a problem with your vehicles.

How do I know if my car has been recalled?

Car manufacturers are required by law to report any and all claims to both the government and owners of the vehicles affected. However, past history has shown that auto manufacturers can be slow or negligent to report these issues. Beyond that, with all the junk mail and email people get these days, notice of recall may not even reach the car owner even if the manufacturer does their due diligence reporting a recall. So how do you know if your vehicle has been recalled? Sometimes a simple web search provides a satisfying, immediate answer. Other times, you might end up more confused than you were when you started. Fortunately, the NHTSA has provided two easy-to-use online tools to help you find out if your car has been recalled. - Recalls Look-up by VIN tool - Check to see if your car has a problem that falls under a safety recall over the last 15 years and has not been repaired. - Recalls and defects page - Stay on top of current recall news. This site also offers a feature that allows you to receive news alerts on up to five vehicles. At Strutmasters, we are committed to helping people get more out of their cars. With the Strutmasters blog, we offer a wide variety of maintenance tips, general knowledge and driving advice to help keep your car running great for as long as possible.

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