Air Ride Lowering Suspension Kits for Motorcycles

Air Ride Lowering Suspension Kits for Motorcycles

Troy Hammond
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Air suspension kits for motorcycles come in many variations. They’re all designed to enhance the stance of your bike and improve performance, but air ride lowering suspension kits seem to be the most popular among motorcycle riders. These kits are specifically designed to give you the freedom to lower the ride height of your bike and even slam it down if you prefer. But aside from an adjustable ride height, what exactly are the benefits of air ride lowering suspension kits for motorcycles?

Benefits of Air Ride Lowering Suspension Kits

When you choose to lower your motorcycle with a suspension kit, you’re making your bike look and feel sportier than it already is. With this air suspension kit, you can lower or slam the front and rear end of the bike to enhance its stance. However, these suspension kits won’t just aid in providing a better-looking bike for motorcycle riders. They’ll also make your rides more convenience and more enjoyable. Lowering a motorcycle with a kit will help to improve footing and stability, especially for bikers with shorter legs. The kit can also bring the body of the bike low enough to make getting on and getting off easier. Plus, these kits can help you maintain balance and control when you’re stopped in traffic. On top of that, air ride lowering suspension kits can optimize performance. Lowering a motorcycle with this type of air suspension kit also lowers its center of gravity and makes the bike feel lighter. This improves turning, cornering, and overall handling. Lowering a motorcycle will also reduce drag and enhance aerodynamics.

Considerations Before Lowering Your Bike

Air ride lowering suspension kits provide tons of benefits for all types of motorcycles. However, there are a few things to consider before you lower your bike. For example, an air ride lowering suspension kit will decrease a motorcycle’s ground clearance. With that said, you may need to swap out your kickstand for a smaller one to accommodate the bike’s new ride height. Reduced ride height may also cause the muffler and floorboards to grind against the road when you’re traveling. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to fix. You can just refrain from leaning when turning and cornering. This will keep the bike upright and prevent it from grinding against the road.

How to Install an Air Ride Lowering Suspension Kit

Installing a new suspension kit for your motorcycle is simple. These kits only require an hour or two of your time and basic tools to install all the parts needed to lower your bike. Most kits can be installed yourself. If you'd rather take it to a mechanic, the simplicity of the installation should translate to very low labor costs.

But if you need help, don’t worry. Strutmasters can walk you through the entire installation process. To learn more about air ride lowering suspension kits for your motorcycle, contact Strutmasters online today!

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