The 1929 Chevrolet International Model AC at the Strutmasters Museum

The 1929 Chevrolet International Model AC at the Strutmasters Museum

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The Strutmasters Museum Presents the... The 1929 Chevrolet International Model AC

The-1929-Chevrolet-International-Model-AC-AThis 1929 Hand-Cranked Chevrolet was the second of what would become many in Strutmasters’ car collection. Chip Lofton, the owner and President of Strutmasters, purchased this antique in 2005. He purchased it in Strutmasters’ home town of Roxboro, North Carolina. Like most of the vehicles in our museum, there is a particularly unique story that comes along with this timeless classic. Sometime around 2005, the Roxboro Museum here in Roxboro, North Carolina came to the realization that they needed more income. So the board members of the museum decided they were going to hold a raffle to let go of the vehicle. At this point, Chip had fallen in love with his first collector car, the Super 8, so he thought he would try his hand at making a hobby out of car collecting; Chip decided he would talk the Museum board into selling the ’29 Chevy to him directly. Chip, knowing the small size of Roxboro, knew it was going to take the museum forever to raffle off enough tickets to justify actually drawing a winning ticket. So he decided he would use this as his selling point. The board members of the Roxboro Museum all came to the same conclusion that the raffle would never generate enough revenue for the museum to justify actually drawing the raffle and giving away the car. Chip made one offer, and the museum took it! The-1929-Chevrolet-International-Model-AC-BThe Chevrolet International Model AC has a hand-cranked starter. Luckily, the crank was in the trunk of the sedan when Chip purchased it. What’s more is this classic started right up on the second attempt! The day Chip went to pick up the car, it was a hot July day. Naturally, the vehicle had no air conditioning units of any sort. So, he rolled the windows all the way down and drove as fast as the old Chevrolet would let him to cool himself. This created a wind tunnel which, due to its age and construction, ripped the entire roof off of the classic! Hence why it is seen here with beams and no top covering!

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