The Top 5 Auto Blogs in the Industry

Scott Beaddles
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The automotive industry can be tough to understand, but there’s a lot you can learn from industry blogs. Whether you’re looking for the latest in vehicle releases or air suspension maintenance tips, these top five auto blogs are excellent resources for helping you to navigate and learn more about the industry.

Auto Blog

Auto Blog is the industry blog for all things automotive. They publish vehicle reviews, articles on the latest industry news, and car buying guides. On top of that, they have an entire section dedicated to vehicle owners. This includes maintenance and repair guides that discuss everything from how to keep your vehicle clean to car care tips.

They also publish news regarding recalls and safety issues affecting any vehicles on the road today.

If you’re looking for industry news, trends, and the latest in automotive culture, check out This blog is known for its pieces showcasing the latest automotive technology trends as well as new vehicle reviews. On top of that, they’re a go-to source for any and all car buying advice you need. also features three recurring series. “Memory Lane” discusses classic and vintage cars. “Letter from the UK” gives us a look of the auto industry across the pond. Finally, “Book Garage” highlights of some of today’s most inspiring automotive books.

Hemmings Blog

Known as the world’s leading classic car news source, Hemmings Blog publishes everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the vehicles of yesteryear. Their blog features details on a variety of vintage cars such as their classic car “Find of the Day.” These posts are a complete rundown of classic and vintage listed for sale on the Hemmings Daily News website.

On top of that, Hemmings Blog posts the latest news in sports cars, exotic cars, motorcycles, classic car events, and much more.


Motorlogy is a great auto blog for anyone looking to learn more about the latest models, vehicle upgrades, and automotive technologies on the market. Their posts mainly focus on reviews of new models and technology advancements.

However, Motorlogy is also great resource for beginner car buyers. They feature guides to finding the right car loan, how to buy the right auto insurance, and how to find the right used car for your needs. Best of all, this automotive blog specializes in safety tips to ensure peace of mind for the road ahead.

The Truth About Cars

For an honest information about vehicles, read The Truth About Cars. They’re known for their informative blogs, vehicle reviews, and editorials. They also provide in-depth vehicle details in their First Drive Reviews to help you make any necessary car buying decisions.

In addition, The Truth About Cars offers a full section of blogs related to tips and advice. Designed to help make the car shopping process and your life as a new car owner easier, they feature helpful blogs to know what to look for during a test drive, choose between OEM or aftermarket parts, and much more.

The top five auto industry blogs are some of the best resources that can help you learn more and stay updated on the latest automotive news and trends. So if you’re looking for industry information, check them out today.

For more industry news and tips from automotive experts, check out Strutmasters’ blog.

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