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Get ready for fall riding with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension

by David Straughan on September 02, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Down here at Strutmasters headquarters in North Carolina, the summer heat has finally broken. While it’s not quite fall just yet, now is the perfect time to get your bike ready for those long, beautiful fall rides. And what better way to do that then to outfit your bike with a genuine Strutmasters EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension? Let’s explore some of the reasons why adding air suspension will greatly improve your riding experience.

More comfort for fall riding

Unless you live in the mountains, chances are you’ll be riding for some distance to get to those luscious yellows, reds and oranges. That means a lot of time on the back of your motorcycle. Standard coil suspensions can have you absorbing a lot of bumps and dips on the road. Experienced riders know that over time this can wear on you. EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspensions absorb those dips and bumps for you. That means less road fatigue and more fun. These air suspensions allow you to adjust the stiffness of your ride. This allows you to adjust for road conditions. Our Ultimate Air Suspension line lets you do it with just the push of a button.

Easier to get on and off

No two humans are exactly alike. However, most motorcycle seats are at about the same height. This means there are a lot out of you who might find it difficult to mount and dismount from your bike. There are probably also many of you who could use a few more inches of legroom. No matter what your size, you’ll benefit from the adjustable seat height with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension. It’s simple to lower the bike if you’re used to climbing a bit to get on and off your bike. Raising the seat up is just as simple if you’re a little too tall for your bike.

The easy way to lowrider status

You will surely not be the only person out for a ride this fall. With so many riders out at this popular time of year, it’s good to separate yourself from the pack. Nothing says “style” like a lowrider. With the EZ Rider Air Suspension, you can drop your bike down low on command. Even better, you can raise it back up just as quickly when it’s time to stop showing off. The adjustable height isn’t just for style. In addition to the stiffness of the suspension, your ride height also affects your bike’s handling. As you move from one type of topography or terrain to another, the ability to adjust for those conditions will certainly come in handy.

Extra passenger support for fall rides together

Those beautiful autumn colors are even better when enjoyed together. The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension’s ability to adjust stiffness also means you can add additional support for your passengers. With the Ultimate line, it’s as easy as the push of a button. Typically, passengers are an afterthought in motorcycle design. The result is a seat that’s usually not very comfortable. Also, the additional weight of a passenger can seriously affect how your bike handles. You can use the adjustable stiffness on your new suspension to change that. Added support for your passenger means a more predictable ride for you. That’s not only more comfortable for both of you, it’s safer too.

Ready to switch?

With just a few weeks left until the real fall riding season begins, now is the time to make the change! Installation is simple enough to do at home by yourself with tools you probably already have. Each kit includes detailed instructions on how to remove your old suspension and install your new one. Order your EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension today! We currently have conversion kits for the following motorcycles: Harley-Davidson Softail (2001-2017) Harley-Davidson Sportster Harley-Davidson V-Rod Honda Shadow Suzuki Marauder We also have a generalized kit that fits several other Harley-Davidson touring models! Call our Suspension Experts today at (866) 358-0127 to see if this kit will fit your bike! Last but not least, wear a helmet and make sure to enjoy the ride!

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