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Strutmasters now has an EZ Rider suspension for your V-Rod, too

by David Straughan on August 28, 2019 Categories: News & Updates
Much to the delight of Harley-Davidson V-Rod owners, Strutmasters has released an EZ Rider Suspension made just for the bike. Already, Softail and Sportster owners are enjoying the benefits of motorcycle air suspension. The ability to adjust the height and firmness of the ride has been a revolution in motorcycle comfort. Now, V-Rod owners get to enjoy the same privileges as their other Harley-Davidson owner counterparts.

No more dangerous V-Rod modding

Previously, V-Rod owners who wished to lower their bikes had to make some hard modifications to the bike’s equipment. Sometimes this meant cutting out a linkage that helped to stabilize the bike. In addition, without the ability to raise them up again, many people who lowered their V-Rod found themselves scraping all the time. In order to add air suspension, people with V-Rod motorcycles would often install air struts from an American car. This led to all sorts of fitment problems and could drastically alter the bike’s performance. None of these methods afford the freedom and flexibility offered by the EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension.

Air suspension benefits for your V-Rod

While a lowered V-Rod looks admittedly really, really cool, there’s way more to it than that. The adjustable air suspension adds some serious functionality points to your V-Rod. For starters, shorter riders will be able to lower the bike to make it easier to get on. Taller riders can boost it up to stretch their legs a little more. On a touring bike like the V-Rod, this is a huge bonus for riders who like to log serious mileage. This EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension also adds additional support to the passenger seat. This means not only will your passenger feel more comfortable, their added weight won’t have as much of an effect on your V-Rod’s handling. Finally, air suspensions provide unparalleled comfort. You’ll glide over all but the most unforgiving surfaces like a cloud. The additional comfort means you can get more miles in without getting sore and worn out. The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension Basic model is available for just $199. The Ultimate version, which allows riders to adjust the suspension with the push of a button, is available for $599. Easy to install, you won’t have your bike in the shop for very long. Proficient DIY mechanics should be able to install them at home with no issue.

Ready to switch?

Adding the EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension to your V-Rod will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Once you make the switch, get ready to enjoy being on your V-Rod much more. Your passengers will have more fun, too. Purchase your kit from our website, or call us at 866-830-5450. One of our Suspension Experts will be happy to guide you through.

We’re here to help

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