NHRA Announces Rule Changes Ahead of Gatornationals

On March 12th, the NHRA announced a rule change about drivers striking the timing blocks or crossing the centerline. This new rule adds to, rather than replaces the current centerline police of disqualifying runs. Drivers will receive additional penalties for crossing the the centerline or hitting the timing blocks during any elimination or qualifying round.

The rule changes, which take effect immediately are as follows:


First Violation of the season will result in:

  •    Loss of five (5) NHRA series points.


Second Violation of the season will result in:

  •    Loss of ten (10) NHRA series points.


All Subsequent Violations of the season will result in:

  •    Loss of fifteen (15) NHRA series points per violation.

These stiff penalties are designed to help keep drivers safe, in a season that has already seen a series of terrifying crashes from top names like John Force and his daughter Brittany. The NHRA also hopes that these rules reduce cleanup time between runs to keep events running smoothly.

The new rules changes are in effect over the entire distance of the race, from the start line to the quarter-mile finish line. Funny Car and Top Fuel drivers which cross the centerline between the 1,000-foot finish line and the 1,320-foot finish line will result in a loss of points, but will NOT result in the standard disqualification or loss of time policy.

If there is an oil-down and centerline or timing block violation within the same run, drivers will be assessed the oil-down points policy, along with a disqualification of the run. The points will not double up.

The NHRA does not consider crossing the centerline on a burnout a violation.

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