3 Lincoln Town Car Suspension Problems Fixed by Converting to Coils

3 Lincoln Town Car Suspension Problems Fixed by Converting to Coils

David Straughan
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Who doesn’t love their Lincoln Town Car? The luxury sedan was produced by Ford Motor Co. from 1980-2011. During that time it gained many fans as one of the country’s preeminent Executive-class luxury sedans. The Town Car was the longest car produced in North America from 1997-2011. While this allowed for an almost absurd amount of interior space, it presented some unique challenges to the engineers at Ford. The challenge? Create a smooth ride deserving of such a spacious and luxurious interior. The answer was an air suspension. The air suspension did provide what Ford was looking for--a silky smooth ride for passengers and drivers alike that felt like one was gliding on, well, air. The problem is that these Lincoln air suspensions worked until they didn’t. We know this all too well here at Strutmasters. In fact, a Lincoln Continental air suspension failure is what started this company. You can read about it in the history of the company here. There are many reasons to switch over to a coil suspension once your Lincoln Town Car air suspension fails. Here are three common issues installing a genuine Strutmasters conversion kit fixes completely.

Leaky Town Car Air Bags

One of the most common repairs and usually the first is to the air bags themselves. The air bags in the Town Car get filled with pressurized air. This air, rather than a mechanical spring, is used to keep the car suspended off of the wheels and axles. Since they are made of a flexible rubber, it is inevitable that these air bags wear out. They can crack, rot or even get punctured. Furthermore, once one has busted, the others are soon to follow. While replacing one air bag might not seem like a huge investment, replacing all four can be cost-prohibitive. This issue is solved when you switch to mechanical coils. The conversion kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that as long as your car is on the road, you can count on having working struts without spending any more money.

Software Updates and Computer Issues

The air suspension in your Town Car uses a series of sensors and computers to regulate the air pressure in the air springs. These computers, like all computers, can run into many unforeseen issues. Sometimes, the air suspension will require a software patch or update just to work properly. For some reason, these computer issues always seem to require a confusingly expensive software solution. With simple coils, there’s no computer necessary, just good old-fashioned mechanical resistance. No communication errors, no system upgrades. Easy.

Endless Repairs

The reality with air suspensions is that once one or more components go, the rest will start to follow. The reason being is that air suspensions are interdependent. They require the cooperation of all parts in order to work properly. When a component loses functionality, it puts stress on the rest of the system. Unless these repairs are done immediately, the remaining components in your air suspension will suffer. As a result, one repair turns into two, two turns into three and so on. Soon you’re repairing nearly every component in your Town Car’s air suspension. This could cost thousands of dollars. When you convert your rear suspension with a Strutmasters conversion kit for just $199 ($399 for all four wheels), you’re going to spend that money once. After that, under normal conditions you’ll never have to worry about your suspension again. When you’re ready to stop making trips to the mechanic to repair your Lincoln Town Car air suspension, give us a call at (866) 685-7228 to get started. One of our suspension experts will be happy to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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