How to End Your Chevrolet Suburban Air Suspension Problems Today!

How to End Your Chevrolet Suburban Air Suspension Problems Today!

Troy Hammond
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The Chevrolet Suburban is the ultimate family utility vehicle. With space for almost the entire soccer team, high towing capacity and a very capable 4WD system, the Suburban has etched its place into the American family.

Such a big vehicle, however, asks a lot of its suspension. Chances are, if your Suburban has more than about 80,000 miles on it, you’ve already faced at least one issue with the air suspension.

That’s okay. You’re not alone.

Many others have come out to find their ChevySurburban sagging in the rear, or leaning to one side. People have noticed their Suburban taking too long to come to a stop, or lurching forward when it does.

Whether you’ve noticed these signs or seen the dreaded suspension warning light, it’s time to consider a full solution for your Chevy’s suspension issues.

Don’t Take Your Suburban to the Dealership

No matter how much you love your mechanic at your dealership, the dealership is a business. As such, they are going to want to make a profit.

One easy way to do that is to have the customer keep coming back. With an air suspension, it is almost a guarantee this will happen. A leaky air bag or even a faulty compressor may not seem like too much of an expense. After all, that air suspension does ride nice when it’s working. However, one problem in the air suspension system is just a sign of more trouble to come. Air bags, for example, wear out at about the same rate. That means once one has a problem, the others are soon to follow.

In addition, a leaky air bag takes a serious toll on the compressor as it needs to work harder to keep the springs inflated. A troubled air bag leads to a faulty compressor very quickly. When you take your Chevrolet Suburban to a dealership, they will likely want to fix up your air suspension, replacing it piece by piece. This is great for their bottom line, but not yours.

Convert Your Suburban Instead

While your air suspension had a good run, like all good things it might be time for it to come to an end. Rather than battle with that troublesome air suspension, consider converting over to good-old standard coilover struts instead. While air suspensions rely on complex systems of moving parts and computers, coilovers use mechanical force to keep your car off the ground and riding nice.

Many air suspension components need to be flexible and as a result are often flimsy or prone to cracking or tearing. These simple mechanical coils are built to last. Strutmasters even includes a limited lifetime guarantee on each kit, so this will be the last time you ever need to spend money on your Suburban’s suspension again.

Recommended Solutions

Save Money, Lots of Money

If you decide to replace your air suspension at the dealership, you can expect to pay up to $1,300 just for the mechanical components alone. That doesn’t even include any computer boards or sensors that may be fried as well.

Compare that to the sale price of under $500 for this kit. Now, consider that Strutmasters has designed each kit to be so simple, the average DIYer can do it at home in an afternoon!

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be standing next to a car whose suspension you’ll never have to fix again and an extra $800 in your pocket.

Not bad at all.

When you’re ready to end your Chevrolet Suburban suspension problems for good, give us a call at (866) 830-5450 to let one of our Suspension Experts help you get exactly what you need!

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