Air Suspension Kits and Air Suspension Conversion Kits for Trucks

Scott Beaddles
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The original suspension system in your truck may help it perform and tow well, but oftentimes, the system can’t be configured to your specific needs. Luckily, air suspension conversion kits and air suspension kits for trucks can help you to get the exact performance you need. Read on to learn more about air suspension conversion kits and air suspension kits for trucks.

Benefits of Air Suspension Kits for Trucks

Air suspension kits for trucks are mainly used to enhance load capacity and overall performance when towing and hauling. All air suspension kits come with air springs, brackets, and fittings and can be easily installed yourself or at a professional body shop. When properly installed, air suspension kits can increase a truck’s load capacity, allowing it to carry more cargo and passengers. On top of that, they can ensure a smooth performance no matter how heavy the cargo load is. Hauling heavy cargo can cause the truck’s back end to sag. This severely affects performance as well as handling and stability. However, installing an air suspension kit helps to prevent that. The springs work to compensate for the additional weight in the back and/or the front of the vehicle so it stays level. This ensures a smooth performance and improved handling as well. On top of that, some air suspension kits for trucks come with adjustable air springs. With these, you can manually configure the springs to inflate and deflate as needed, so you get an even ride when towing and when cruising through the area. Unfortunately, there are quite a few drawbacks to air suspension kits that you should consider. For example, the air springs have been known to burst, especially when carrying heavy cargo. The struts as well as various other parts tend experience severe damage with time, which means costly, extensive maintenance and parts replacements will be required to ensure the air suspension’s performance and longevity.

Benefits of Air Suspension Conversion Kits for Trucks

Air suspension conversion kits are also available for trucks. These contain all of the parts needed to convert a truck’s air suspension system to a traditional coil spring suspension system. Like an air suspension kit, conversion kits provide great towing capacity and performance. However, conversion kits offer better longevity than air suspension kits. All of the parts included, such as the struts, springs, and mount, are made with high-quality materials and designed to last a lifetime. So you don’t have to worry about costly additional suspension maintenance and repairs. On top of that, conversion kits like Strutmasters’ Air Suspension Conversion Kits don’t require the car to be modified in order to install the parts. They can simply be bolted onto the vehicle.

Which Kit Is Right for You?

Both an air suspension kit and an air suspension conversion kit offer great performance and towing benefits for your truck. To determine which kit is best for you, consider the pros and cons of both options. You can also talk to a professional at Strutmasters to learn more about each kit and find out which is right for your truck and your needs. Just call 866-998-8737 for more information about air suspension kits and air suspension conversion kits for your truck today or feel free to reach out to us online!

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