What Are Air Suspension Kits?

Scott Beaddles
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Air suspension kits have become popular items for gear heads looking to configure their car to their exact performance preferences. But what exactly is an air suspension kit? Read on to find out!

Air Suspension Kit Basics

AirSuspensionReplacementPartsIn the simplest terms, air suspension kits convert non-air suspension systems in older vehicles into air suspension systems. These kits contain air springs, air lines, fittings, brackets, and mounting hardware. These kits are easy to install and only require about two hours to get everything bolted onto your vehicle. While these are considered DIY solutions, drivers can have the parts in the kit installed at professional auto shops like the one at Strutmasters.

Air Suspension Kit Applications

Air suspension kits have many applications. Two of the most common are to enhance towing and improve performance stance.

Towing and Hauling Applications

The suspension systems in most trucks can withstand heavy loads of cargo but at a cost. When towing and hauling, the back end of a vehicle will sag, causing decreased performance, poor handling, and other performance issues. Installing an air suspension kit can help to resolve this problem. The air springs can lift the back of the vehicle to compensate for the extra weight. This ensures that the vehicle stays level so you can experience a smooth ride while towing and hauling. On top of that, some air suspension kits for towing and hauling come with adjustable air springs to cater to various cargo weights. Once installed, you can lift the body when towing and hauling cargo and lower it when you’re not with a simple push of a button. This way you can experience a smooth and seamless performance in any driving conditions. Best of all, installing an air suspension kit to your truck can add additional towing capacity.

Performance Applications

Air suspension kits are available for smaller vehicles as well to enhance performance and adjust stance. Most air suspension kits lower cars to improve overall appearance as well as handling and stability. Other kits include adjustable springs. These allow you to set the stance of the vehicle to your exact preference by inflating and deflating the springs as needed. Deflating the springs will lower the car and enhance the overall performance and style. Inflating the springs lifts the car to help you avoid obstructions on the road and prevent bottoming out. On top of that, these performance kits are available for trucks. These can bring the body down to help eliminate bottoming out when handling cargo and improve handling and stability.

Get Your Air Suspension Kit Today

Air suspension kits are giving automotive enthusiasts an easier and more convenient way to help them experience all of the benefits of an air suspension system. Air suspension kits are available at Strutmasters. If you’d like to learn more about how air suspension kits can enhance towing and overall performance in your vehicle, call Strutmasters at 866-998-8737 today or reach out to us online!


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