Bentley Continental Suspension Failure? Here's How To Fix It

Bentley Continental Suspension Failure? Here's How To Fix It

Troy Hammond
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We don't have to tell you how special your Bentley Continental GT is. Anyone who's seen one in person already knows. The Continental exemplifies all that is Bentley--incredible performance and unrivaled luxury. But unfortunately, most Bentley Continental owners find out about one of the vehicle's only shortcomings the hard way--an air suspension system that just doesn't last.

If you're looking for the best fix for your Bentley Continental suspension problems, keep reading. You won't find a better solution anywhere else.

Look for early warning signs of Bentley suspension problems.

Your Bentley is a high-tech machine. As a result, it has its own onboard suspension monitoring system. So when your suspension issues get serious enough, you'll see the suspension warning light illuminate on the dash. But at that point, your suspension problems have gotten pretty advanced already.

As with any issue in your car, early detection is the key to spending less on fixing it. There are several warning signs that you can look for if you suspect your Continental is having suspension problems.

Is your air compressor running much longer than it used to? Making more noise than it did before? Either one of these indicates that your compressor is working too hard to pump air to the air springs--and a problem in your suspension.

Another warning sign is the dreaded nose dive. This is when, as you come to a stop, the front end of your Bentley dips down while the rear end lifts up. If your Continental is sagging down or leaning to one side, that's also an indication of a problem.

But one of the easiest ways to test your suspension is to perform the bounce test. To do that, just walk to each corner of your Continental and push down hard. In a car with a healthy suspension, that corner will pop right back into place. If it takes a while to rise again or bounces up and down before settling, you've got a problem at that corner.

Fixing your Bentley suspension issues at the dealership can cost you a fortune.

Suspension issues aren't just annoying. They can be dangerous. Knowing that you may have already taken your Continental to the Bentley dealership to look at the suspension issues. And if you did, the repair quote you got back might have sent you into a mild state of shock. Air suspensions can be incredibly expensive to repair.

Just one replacement air strut can cost you more than $1,000. And here's the thing about air struts--they wear out at about the same rate. That means that once one goes out, the rest are soon to follow. That's not a Bentley problem, it's an air suspension problem. They are simply destined to fail at some point.

Other high-tech parts like your onboard suspension control module or ride height sensors can cost a small fortune as well. Not to mention the air compressor.

Once you consider that all of these parts are going to wear out and fail at some point, the total cost of repairs starts to get out of hand.

Bentley Continental GT Suspension Failure

Even using aftermarket parts can get expensive.

"But what about aftermarket Bentley Continental suspension parts?" you might ask. They do exist. And they will save you a little on the parts. But as anyone who's owned a Bentley can tell you, the parts are only part of the expense of maintenance.

Air suspensions are incredibly complicated systems. A ride height sensor constantly measures how high the vehicle is riding at each wheel and sends that information to the suspension control module. This onboard computer then sends that information to the air compressor. The compressor generates pressurized air and pumps it through the airlines and into the air springs to inflate them. This is what keeps your car suspended off of the ground.

If that sounds complicated, it's because it is. And that complicated nature translates into lots of time under the hood to fix it. So while you might save some money on your replacement air suspension components, you'll still have to pay a ton to have them installed.

You do have a better, cheaper way to fix your Bentley Continental suspension failure.

Fortunately, you do have options. After years of development and popular demand, Strutmasters, the leader in air-to-non-air conversions, has just released a conversion kit to completely fix the suspension on your Bentley Continental.

With this kit, you can get rid of that troublesome air suspension altogether and replace it with sturdy Coilover shocks and struts. Rather than air and rubber, your Bentley will sit on durable steel struts and cold-wound steel springs.

Our engineers have spent countless hours perfecting the tuning on these kits to provide a comfortable ride that might remind you of your Continental back when it was new. Thanks to Strutmasters' Glide Ride technology, you'll enjoy the same smooth, cloud-like ride you've come to expect in a Bentley once again.

With this kit, you can replace your entire Bentley Continental suspension for not much more than the cost of just one air spring replacement. Even better, this kit is designed to be very simple--so simple, in fact, that many of our customers choose to do the installation at home. All you need is the better part of an afternoon, some common tools, a sturdy jack, and a little DIY know-how. But even if you're not confident in your shop skills, the simplicity of this kit means an easy install for your mechanic. That translates to a much lower labor bill.

The savings don't stop with the installation, either. We've backed this kit with a one-year limited warranty and the coil springs with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. That means savings well into the future.

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Ready to convert and get back on the road?

If you're like most Bentley Continental owners, you're probably ready to fix that suspension failure once and for all and get back to enjoying the ride. This Strutmasters air suspension conversion kit can help you do that for a fraction of what you might have thought you'd have to pay.

When you're ready, you can place your order online and expect your kit soon. Not 100% sure just yet? Give our Suspension Experts a call at 866-722-1707. They'll be happy to answer any questions you might have and make extra sure you're getting exactly what you need for your Bentley. Don't ride around on a bad suspension another minute!

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