Replace Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension to Save Thousands

Replace Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Suspension to Save Thousands

Troy Hammond
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Since 1993, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been one of the most recognized SUVs on the market. Combining rugged American utility with a touch of space and luxury, there's a lot to love about the Grand Cherokee. The vehicle does so much well, but it does have ONE glaring weakness – the factory air suspension system.

Jeep owners have recognized a number of problems with the Quadralift factory air suspension system as it ages. Like other air suspensions, the Quadralift has a limited working life. As the miles add up, parts eventually start to wear down, leading to a vehicle that’s uncomfortable and even unsafe to drive.

Diagnosing Jeep Suspension Problems Yourself

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an internal system that looks for suspension problems. When it finds one, you'll see an "Immediate Service/Repair Required" light on the instrument cluster.

But even before the suspension warning light comes on, there are warning signs of a failing suspension. For example, you might notice that the compressor is running loudly or for much longer than average. This indicates a problem somewhere in the system.

Another warning sign is the dreaded "nose dive." This is when, as you come to a stop, the front end of your Jeep Cherokee dips down while the rear end raises up.

But one surefire way to check your suspension is to perform the "bounce test." This is very simple. Just walk to each corner of your Jeep and push down hard on the bumper and let go. The corner should spring back into place immediately. If it is slow to rise or bounces up and down before settling into place, you likely have a suspension problem at that corner.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should consider getting it repaired immediately. Suspension issues in your Jeep Grand Cherokee will only get worse over time.

Common Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension Problems

Air suspensions like the Jeep Quadralift are complex systems. There are any number of things that can go wrong. But some issues are more common than others. Front suspension issues are more common than rear suspension issues, for example. These are some of the most commonly-reported suspension problems.

  • Broken air spring. The air springs in your vehicle have soft rubber components that can puncture, tear, rot, or simply just wear out over time.
  • Punctured air lines. Your Grand Cherokee pushes air to the air springs through the air lines. These lines can get punctured from road debris.
  • Noisy compressor. As parts of the suspension start to wear down, the compressor will work harder to keep the system working. This causes extra wear and tear on the compressor which causes it to overwork and eventually fail.

Fixing Your Jeep at the Dealership Can Be Expensive and May Not Last

Most people's first reaction to suspension problems in their Grand Cherokee is to take it to the dealership for repair. If you choose to go this route, the dealership will replace any broken parts with OEM parts. If you have any experience with this, you know that this can get expensive quickly.

For example, one OEM replacement air spring runs over $800. And when one of your air springs starts to go, the rest are sure to follow. These parts tend to wear out at about the same rate. Replacing all four wheels can cost you thousands in parts alone.

You can save some money by going with aftermarket air suspension parts. But even as you save a little on parts, you still have to pay shop fees. With air suspensions being as complex as they are, your mechanic will have to spend a lot of time under the hood to do just about anything.

There's just no way around it. Air suspensions are incredibly expensive to fix.

Jeep Grand Cherokee in a showroom

Fix Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Suspension Problems

There is some good news for Grand Cherokee owners. In response to customer demand, Strutmasters has just released a suspension replacement kit for 2016-2020 models in addition to its popular kits for the 2011-2015 models. These kits allow you to ditch that troublesome air suspension entirely and switch it out for something much more reliable and much less expensive. It's a lifesaver for anyone experiencing suspension issues with their Jeep.

Rather than computers, flexible rubber, and air, this kit sits your Grand Cherokee on sturdy, dependable steel struts and perfectly tuned cold-wound springs. With Strutmasters' Glide-Ride Technology, you'll enjoy a smooth ride that compares to your air suspension when it was new.

One of the biggest advantages of this kit is just how simple and easy it is to install. Many of our customers choose to install these kits at home. All you need is a few common tools, a sturdy jack, and some minimal DIY skills. Most people can complete the install in about an hour per wheel. But even if you don't want to install it yourself, the simple design means your mechanic will spend less time working on your Jeep. That translates into big labor cost savings.

Save On Grand Cherokee Suspension Repairs

But perhaps the biggest advantage of all is price. Starting at $1,279.99, you can replace your entire Jeep Grand Cherokee suspension and end those problems for less than you'd pay for just two replacement air springs. Once it's installed, our kits are backed by a one-year warranty and the coil springs come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Browse Our Jeep Suspension Kits: Convert And Save

Unless you just love spending money and trips to the dealership, it's easy to see why this suspension replacement kit is a much better option for your Jeep. It's the inexpensive long-term fix you've been looking for.

If you're ready to convert, we're ready to help. Shop our selection of Jeep suspension kits and get your Grand Cherokee driving better than ever!

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