How to Fix Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problems (RWD F-Sport)

How to Fix Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problems (RWD F-Sport)

Troy Hammond
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The Japanese automaker’s flagship model brings with it a rare combination of performance, luxury, and space—in other words, everything you’d hope for in an executive sedan. This is why Lexus LS 460 suspension problems, a common complaint about the vehicle, can be so frustrating. They can make this otherwise superb vehicle uncomfortable and unsafe to drive.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at common Lexus LS 460 suspension issues; what they are, what causes them, how to spot them, and the best way to fix them. Here’s what you need to know.

Common Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problems 

Just like its parent company Toyota, Lexus is a brand known for its longevity and reliability. In fact, Lexus is rated by RepairPal among the top 10 most reliable car brands in the world, scoring 4.0 out of 5.0 on the site’s reliability index.

But while the LS 460 is also known to last well over 200,000 miles, air suspension problems have plagued the vehicle in recent years. That’s especially true of the LS 460 RWD F-Sport model.

Here are some of the most common Lexus LS 460 suspension problems mentioned by owners of the vehicle:

  • Air suspension won’t maintain proper ride height
  • Broken ride height sensor
  • Air spring leak
  • “Death wobble”
  • Loose shock absorbers
  • Faulty air compressor

There are many other problems that can arise out of a faulty Lexus air suspension, but these are the most common. 

What Causes Lexus Suspension Issues?

To be fair, the air suspension problems common to the LS 460 aren’t just Lexus problems, they’re air suspension problems. Issues with the active suspension happen for a number of reasons:


Air suspensions are high-tech, complex systems. They rely on a network of moving parts and computers to keep your car at the proper ride height. If one component breaks, it can put additional stress on the rest of the system—soon leading to total suspension failure.

Flexible components

Air suspensions require flexible rubber and plastic components to do their jobs. This includes parts such as the air springs and air delivery lines. Even when these parts are made to high standards, the materials used in them mean that they can be easily cracked, torn, or punctured.

Computer-controlled parts

As “smart” systems, air suspensions rely on computers and computer-controlled components to keep your car at the proper ride height. Anyone who has even been near a computer can tell you that software errors just happen. When they happen with your active suspension system, they can lead to miscalculations and other errors that can damage the entire system.

Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problem Warning Signs

Common Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problems

Your LS 460 comes equipped with a suspension warning light which illuminates when the system detects a problem. The issue here is that often, by the time this happens, the problem has already gotten bad.

As with all automobile problems, the longer you wait to fix a problem the more damage it can do to the rest of your vehicle. Spotting Lexus LS 460 suspension problems early can help you avoid additional damage and keep repair costs under control.

Here are a few warning signs to help you spot Lexus suspension issues before they get out of hand:

  • Bumpy ride: When functioning properly, your LS 460 air suspension will provide a smooth ride. If you feel a lot of bumps and dips in the road, it probably means your suspension is not working properly. 
  • “Drifty” feeling: Even as a luxury vehicle, the LS 460 should have tight, responsive handling. If your Lexus feels like it’s drifting in and out of turns, there could be a problem with the air suspension.
  • Long stopping distance: If your brakes are in good shape but your car is still taking a long time to stop, it could be due to the air suspension. That’s because it is your suspension that absorbs much of the force of stopping your Lexus. When it is in need of repair, it can’t absorb as much force and your car will take longer to stop.
  • Noisy compressor: You shouldn’t be able to hear your air suspension compressor loudly, or even at all, really. If your air compressor sounds like it’s running too hard or taking too long to complete a cycle, you could have a problem.
  • Failing the bounce test: One way to test your suspension is to walk to each corner and push down on it. It should pop right back into place. If it takes a long time to return to its height or bounces up and down before settling, there is likely an issue at that wheel.

LS 460 Suspension Fix Cost

Another major drawback to air suspensions is that they are very costly to fix. These systems require the use of high-tech specialty components. If you know cars, you know those words translate directly into just one: expensive.

Cost to Fix LS 460 Suspension Problems at the Dealership

Many people turn to the dealership when they need repairs. But while this is an understandable choice, it’s almost always the most expensive.

Dealerships will insist on using OEM air suspension components. These are typically the most expensive versions of these components. Just one OEM Lexus LS 460 air spring can cost you nearly $1,200.

Once one component in an active suspension system fails, the others are soon to follow. When you replace one air strut on your Lexus, it won’t be long before you need to replace all of them. That means to truly fix your LS 460 suspension problems, you’ll need to replace all four air springs along with any other components that have failed.

You can see, then, how the cost of fixing your Lexus LS 460 suspension problems at the dealership could easily surpass the value of your vehicle.

Cost to Fix LS 460 Suspension Problems With Aftermarket Parts

Buying aftermarket LS 460 suspension parts can help knock the price of components down, often by a significant amount. And many of these components are well-engineered and well-made alternatives to the OEM parts. 

But even if you save big on parts, there is still labor to consider. These complex air ride systems are just as complex to work on. That means more time under the hood.

And while many of these aftermarket air suspension components for the LS 460 are adequate if not even superior replacements for the original, there’s no guarantee that that’s the case. 

Lexus LS 460 Suspension Replacement: The Best Fix

If spending more than your Lexus is worth to fix its air suspension problems doesn’t sound ideal to you, there is another option. Strutmasters has released a new Lexus LS 460 replacement kit specifically for the RWD F-Sport model—a high-performance version of the vehicle that unfortunately is known for air suspension issues. 

This kit allows you to remove your air suspension entirely and replace it with a robust traditional coil suspension. At $1,119 before tax, you can replace all four wheels of your suspension for less than the cost of one Lexus LS 460 OEM air strut assembly.

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What Comes in a Lexus LS 460 Suspension Replacement Kit?

When you buy from Strutmasters, your LS 460 suspension kit comes with everything you need to fully replace your air suspension. Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Strut assemblies: These robust coilover struts are pre-assembled for a quick and easy install. Made with tool-grade steel and perfectly tuned to the LS 460 using Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you can expect a dependable ride that feels similar to your original ride.
  • Suspension warning light fix: This small module turns off your suspension warning light for good using an intelligent signal interrupt.
  • Mounting hardware: To ensure long-lasting performance, Strutmasters insists on high-quality materials all the way down to the nuts, washers, and bolts used to fasten them to your vehicle. This kit comes with all the top-shelf hardware you need to install it.

How to Replace Your LS 460 Suspension

This suspension replacement kit makes it easy to install a brand new, ultra-dependable coil suspension. Here’s how:

  • DIY Lexus suspension replacement: These kits are designed to be easy to install. Many Lexus owners choose to DIY the installation for even more savings. All that’s needed is a few common tools, a sturdy set of jacks, and about an hour per wheel. 
  • Suspension replacement at the repair shop: If you would rather trust the job to a mechanic, the simplicity of these kits means less time under the hood to install them. A good technician will make quick work of the suspension replacement, saving hours of labor time compared to repairing an air suspension.

How to Fix Lexus LS 460 Suspension Problems: The Bottom Line

This Strutmasters replacement kit isn’t just the most cost-effective way to fix your Lexus LS 460 suspension problems, it’s also one of the most dependable. With high-quality parts meticulously engineered to provide a perfect fit, you can enjoy a Lexus-worthy ride for years to come at a fraction of the cost of repairing your air suspension.

Purchase your kit from the links in this article when you’re ready. If you need more information or advice on fixing your LS 460, our Suspension Experts are waiting at 866-546-476 to take your call.

Give yourself and your Lexus LS 460 RWD F-Sport the ride you both deserve without breaking the bank.

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