How to Detect a Leak in Air Ride Suspension Systems

How to Detect a Leak in Air Ride Suspension Systems

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Air Ride Suspensions are arguably the best riding automotive suspension yet built. In its simplest form you are riding on air. The only downside to the system is the loss of air within the system. Some methods you can use to determine whether the air suspension system does have a leak. The first telltale sign is the rear end of the car is sagging. Worse still is the whole car looks as though it’s sitting on the ground.

Obvious signs your air ride suspension system has a leak:

  • Air compressor that operates the system is weak or on the verge of failing.
  • Small leak in the rubber bladder.
  • Connection hose fittings are bad.
  • Leak in hoses.
  • Hearing a hiss noise when you lean on the car.

Systems will fail from fatigue carrying the weight of the car over an extended period of time. Road debris, road salts and other harsh materials will wreak havoc on any system. Some attention to keeping these areas clean can help prolong life. A great many of these systems are simply old. At some point in time they will begin to fail. The good news is you have options that are affordable and reliable.

How do you know if your system is Air Ride Suspension working or has no issues:

  • The car is simply in the position it should be. No visible sags.
  • Spray the rubber boots with a soapy water mix; if it bubbles anywhere you have a leak.
  • Also spray fittings, if you see bubbles this too is an indication of leaking.
  • The car takes longer to level out than normal.
  • Driving and the car seems rougher than normal or handling is not the same.
  • Make sure the fittings are not loose.

These are some simple things to look for before you venture off to the shop. Taking care to make sure the systems are free of debris or harmful road chemicals can help prevent damage. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way.

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