Understanding Lincoln Continental Air Ride Suspension Issues

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Most of us while driving have seen older model Lincoln’s driving down the road with the backend of the car sagging down. This is the tell-tale sign that the air ride suspension has failed. The air bags that lift and maintain the quality of ride have failed. Not only have they failed but it’s made the car unstable and unsafe to drive. The Lincoln® Continental is notorious for this issue. The problem is not a poorly built car; the problem is the components for the air ride suspension have no real protection from the elements. Road debris, road salts, mud and other corrosive material can build up extensively over time; fatigue from these elements over time will cause leaks. Failure is immanent and costly. With these types of suspensions it’s simply not are they going to fail, but when!

Conversion Kits Save the Day

Available are air suspension conversion kits to save the day. What happens with the older model cars is the cost to fix the air suspension with OEM parts can cost more than the car is actually worth, struts and compressor can run over three thousand dollars not including labor. For die-hard fans of the car this is not a great option. The air struts alone for example can cost over one thousand dollars per wheel. The conversion kits includes, coil springs with everyday struts or shocks. Yes, you give up the air ride suspension, but you gain a safer car that does not look like it should be staring in a Cheech and Chong movie “Low Rider”. Luxury cars with air ride suspensions were designed to give the passengers the smoothest ride possible. To keep these beautiful cars on the road affordably, owners do have options that are affordable vs. OEM solutions.

Strutmasters Offers an Affordable and Quality Solution

Typically conversion kits will run in the neighborhood of eight hundred dollars. This is a huge sigh of relief over the alternative. Luxury cars are timeless in elegance and beauty. It’s wonderful to know that these ageless beauties can have extended lives with affordable alternatives such as non OEM suspension conversions.

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