How to Fix Mercedes C350E Suspension Problems

How to Fix Mercedes C350E Suspension Problems

Troy Hammond
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Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged 208-horsepower engine, the Mercedes-Benz C350E is a zippy little car, to say the least. However, while the vehicle is a fun one to drive in working condition, C350E suspension problems are a common complaint among owners — rear suspension failure in particular.

In this article, we look at some of the most common air suspension problems for the C350E, along with a few options for fixing it. Keep reading to learn more about your car and your options before shelling out big bucks to fix it.

Common Mercedes C350E Suspension Problems

The Mercedes AIRMATIC suspension, like all air suspension systems, uses a complex network of computer-controlled equipment and moving parts. As a result, there are dozens of things that could go wrong. However, some AIRMATIC issues are much more common than others. These include:

  • Unable to maintain ride height: When your air suspension has failed, your Mercedes will have difficulty staying at the proper ride height.
  • Rear sag: If the rear suspension fails, your car may sag down in the rear. This can change the weight and power distribution in your C350E, making it more difficult to maneuver.
  • Long stops: Your brakes may stop your wheels, but it's your suspension that absorbs the force of stopping your vehicle. When the suspension is worn down or broken, you’ll notice a large increase in your stopping distance.
  • Bumpy ride: The AIRMATIC suspension provides an extremely smooth ride when new. When it wears out, you’ll start feeling more bumps and dips in the road.
  • Software error: Sometimes there are miscommunications within your air suspension system that can cause it to malfunction.

Mercedes C350E Air Suspension Issues: Early Warning Signs

As part of its internal system, your Mercedes monitors the suspension and can detect when there is an air suspension fault. On most C350E models, this says STOP - CAR TOO LOW or Air Suspension Failure. However, it may only notice suspension problems after they’ve become somewhat severe. That may be too late.

Issues with your suspension can cause additional damage to other components in your vehicle as they can change how weight is distributed and managed. Detecting these problems early can greatly reduce what you need to spend to fix them. 

Common Mercedes C350E Suspension Problems

Here are a few things to look for that could indicate a suspension fault, even before your warning light comes on:

  • Sagging appearance: If your C350E sags down in the rear, it’s likely because the air suspension can no longer keep it inflated to the right height.
  • “Drifty” handling: The Mercedes C350E is meant to be fun to drive, handling like a sports car. If you notice that the handling feels “loose” or that the car feels like it is drifting over the wheels going through turns, you likely have a suspension problem.
  • Noisy compressor: The air compressor in your Mercedes should run quietly enough that you hardly notice it, if at all. If you do hear it running loudly or it sounds like it’s straining, this is an indication of a problem.
  • Bounce test failure: An old-school method for checking for suspension problems involves pushing down hard on your bumper at each corner. If the bumper takes a long time to get back up into place or bounces a lot before settling, you probably have an issue at that corner.

If you have an AIRMATIC suspension in your C350E, it’s always a good idea to ask your mechanic to check it while they’re working on your car. They will know the telltale signs of a faulty or dying air suspension and can recommend some options to fix it.

Cost to Fix C350E Suspension

The Mercedes dealership is where most people turn to first when they have C350E suspension issues. This is certainly not a bad option. You can count on the dealership to have technicians trained on Mercedes vehicles and to use only genuine OEM or Mercedes-approved replacement parts.

Unfortunately, you can also count on the dealership to charge you a small fortune for that privilege. 

Mercedes C350E Air Suspension Fix Cost Estimates

Here are some of the average costs to repair or replace Mercedes 350E air suspension components, according to data from RepairPal:

  • Replace AIRMATIC control module: $614 - $640
  • Replace C350E air strut: $960 - $1,038
  • Replace C350E control arm: $521 - $682

In most of these cases, the biggest cost is the OEM replacement part. As with all OEM air suspension components, AIRMATIC parts can be prohibitively expensive. 

These costs are not limited to dealerships. The complex nature of these systems also means that your technician will need to spend a good deal of time under the hood to repair or replace parts. That translates into paying a lot for labor — something Mercedes owners are likely to be familiar with.

Mercedes C350E Air Suspension Replacement

The best way to fix your Mercedes C350E air suspension may be to not fix it at all. Due to popular demand, Strutmasters has released one of its celebrated air suspension replacement kits specifically for the C350E.

This kit allows you to eliminate your AIRMATIC suspension altogether and passive coilover struts and shocks. The result is a brand new rear suspension that will provide a comfortable, reliable ride in your Mercedes for years to come.

Best of all, this permanent fix for your Mercedes C350E is a much, much cheaper option. At just under $1,000 (before tax and shipping), you can replace your entire suspension for less than it would cost you to replace just one air spring. 

Recommended Solutions

What’s Inside a C350E Suspension Conversion Kit?

The Strutmasters Mercedes-Benz C350E RWD 4 Wheel Suspension Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to replace your AIRMATIC suspension. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • Two front struts, fully assembled
  • Two rear shocks
  • Two rear springs
  • All required hardware
  • Detailed installation instructions

Strutmasters Conversion Kit Benefits

Not every Mercedes suspension replacement is built to handle the job. But, as a leader in the suspension industry since 1999, Strutmasters has built its reputation on quality and service. Here’s what you can count on when you buy a genuine Strutmasters conversion kit:

  • Precision engineering: Our engineers design each kit to be an exact fit for the vehicle it’s being installed on. We tune and rate the springs to match your original C350E ride as closely as possible. 
  • Top-quality materials: Some manufacturers use cheaper alloys to save on costs, leading to parts that aren’t up to the test. We insist on robust materials to make all of our components, right down to the nuts and bolts used to install them.
  • Easy installation: We also design each kit with installation in mind. This helps make them easier to DIY the install at home or take less time at the shop, offering even more savings.
  • Customer support: You likely won’t need to contact us after your purchase. But just in case you do, our Suspension Experts are here to help with whatever you need.

Convert Your Mercedes C350E Air Suspension and Save

Replacing your Mercedes C350E air suspension with a Strutmasters conversion kit is a much more dependable and much less expensive option. We also think it’s just better overall. 

With your new worry-free Strutmasters suspension, you can stop waiting for that warning light to come on again, stop spending so much time in the shop, and get back to enjoying your Mercedes the way it was intended to be driven. 

Purchase your C350E suspension replacement kit here, or call us at 866-597-2397 if you have more questions during business hours. You can also use our virtual chat assistant at the right-hand side of your screen at any time.


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