Fix Mercedes C400 Suspension Problems With This Conversion Kit

Fix Mercedes C400 Suspension Problems With This Conversion Kit

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If you’ve ever had to fix air suspension issues with a Mercedes C400, you know that it can be frustrating and expensive. But, with the new Mercedes-Benz C400 4MATIC Air Suspension Conversion/Delete kit from Strutmasters, the solution to a reliable Mercedes suspension is simpler and more cost-effective than ever before. Read on to discover the advantages of this air suspension conversion kit and learn how much you can save by converting your suspension.

What is a Mercedes C400 Air Suspension Conversion Kit?

Strutmasters’ Air Suspension Conversion Kits are a total replacement for your car’s factory air suspension. Factory electronic air suspensions are flawed and will inevitably need replacement. A Strutmasters conversion kit replaces your electronic air suspension with a traditional and more reliable suspension, without compromising performance.

Mercedes-Benz C400 4MATIC Air Suspension Conversion Kit: What’s Inside

You’ll get everything you need to replace your electric air suspension with a coil system when you get a Strutmasters Mercedes C400 conversion kit. Aside from a few household tools, this is what you’ll find inside the box:

  • Front Assembled Struts
  • Rear Shocks
  • Rear Springs
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • All Hardware Necessary for Installation

Why You Should Replace Your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension

Fix Your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension

It is possible to fix an electronic air suspension rather than replace it. However, before making a final decision, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of both. Read through the pros and cons below to learn more.

Converting vs. Fixing Your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension

There are key differences to consider when it comes to converting versus fixing your Mercedes C400 air suspension. We’ve outlined the main differences below.


On average, the cost of replacing one air strut in a Mercedes C400 is between $716 and $767. In most cases, you’ll need to replace more than one strut, as they wear out at the same rate. If issues with your air suspension go unaddressed, you’ll often need to replace other expensive components like the compressor or control module in addition to the air struts.

The cost of a Strutmasters C400 conversion kit is the same as replacing two struts. Converting means you won’t need a compressor or control module, either, saving you money long-term and preventing future expenses.


Air suspensions are notoriously unreliable. Stress on one part of the system can cause failure in other components, resulting in a never-ending to-do list for your mechanic. Traditional coilover suspensions are extremely reliable— and fewer things can go wrong.

Replacing your air suspension with a Strutmasters suspension means a fresh start for your vehicle. Your suspension will be brand new, resulting in reliable and long-lasting performance.


Your car’s suspension is critical to its performance and ability to keep you safe. If your suspension starts to fail, driving can be dangerous, and lead to further problems. Replacing your air suspension and converting it to a more reliable coil suspension will lead to a more worry-free driving experience.


Being without your vehicle is inconvenient. When you take your car to the dealership or mechanic for suspension repair, you can’t always know how long the repairs may take, especially if additional issues are found. 

Total replacement means no more air suspension problems and fewer trips to the mechanic. This can save you from lost time in the shop, getting to and from the mechanic, and the inconvenience of being without your vehicle.

When to Replace Your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension

If you start to notice problems with your air suspension, it can mean more problems are to follow shortly. Replacing your air suspension with a conversion kit when you start to notice problems can save you a lot of money— as your air suspension ages, you’ll be playing a game of catch-up as you replace faulty and aging parts.

Early Warning Signs of Mercedes C400 Suspension Failure

If the air suspension on your C400 is failing, it can be dangerous to drive. Luckily, there are some early warning signs of failure. We’ve listed some things to look out for below.

  • Sagging. If your car is sagging on the front or the back end, it can be explained by an issue with your air springs or air lines. 
  • Strange noises. If you notice excessive grinding, clicking, or whining, this may be a sign that the compressor motor is dying. Hissing sounds may indicate a leak in an air hose. In any case, it’s important to take note of any abnormal sounds as they are warning signs for a failing air suspension.
  • Trouble stopping. If you’ve noticed it’s harder to stop your vehicle, this may be due to a problem with your air suspension. Air suspension issues may also cause your car to lurch or do a nosedive when you stop, which can be dangerous and unsettling.
  • Warning lights. Your Mercedes is equipped with a warning light system to alert you of any problems with your air suspension. It’s an orange, car-shaped light on the dash cluster. 

Use the “Bounce Test” on your Mercedes C400

Any of these signs can be an indication of air suspension trouble and should be taken seriously. If waiting for things to come up is stressful, there’s also a more proactive way of diagnosing suspension issues known as the “bounce test.” Here’s how to perform it:

  • Walk to a corner of your vehicle.
  • Push down, hard, on that corner.
  • Observe while the corner pops back up.
  • Repeat on each corner.

With a healthy suspension, the vehicle should pop back up into place without issue. If you notice that it’s taking a long time for your vehicle to settle into place, however, this may indicate an air suspension problem.

How to Replace Your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension

To replace your Mercedes C400 Air Suspension, you’ll need to order a conversion kit. However, not all conversion kits are the same. Read on to learn more. 

Use a High-Quality Air Suspension Conversion Kit

If you decide to convert your air suspension to a coilover suspension, it’s important to use a high-quality kit. Here’s what to look for in a conversion kit:

    • Everything included: You’ll find every part you need to convert your suspension in our kits, meaning no last-minute trips to an auto parts store.
    • Quality manufacturing: Strutmasters kits are all made in the U.S.A., allowing our manufacturing team to ensure quality control. 
    • Robust materials: Each kit is made with heavy-duty steel, allowing your vehicle to sit on hearty springs and struts instead of delicate air components.
    • Product Warranty: At Strutmasters, we stand behind our products, which is why each of our kits comes with a one-year limited warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the springs themselves.
    • Customer support: We’ve got a dedicated customer service team ready to help you with any of your needs, from product selection to post-installation support.

DIY Installation v. Professional Air Suspension Conversion Kit Installation

Strutmasters conversion kits are designed to be easy to install. On average, customers can complete a conversion in an afternoon, and our kits require only a few common tools and a sturdy jack.

However, if you prefer to leave it up to the professionals and take your car to a shop, the ease of installation means less time at the mechanic, saving you valuable time and money. Regardless of how you choose to install one of our kits, they are a direct fit, require no modification, and installation is straightforward.

Mercedes-Benz C400 4MATIC 4-Wheel Air Suspension Conversion/Delete Kit: The Solution To Your Air Suspension Problems

Converting to a Strutmasters kit to resolve air suspension issues is a no-brainer. Our kits are robust, long-lasting, and backed by a warranty. You can purchase this kit directly from our website. If you still have questions or need assistance of any kind, call 866-597-2397 or use the chat feature on the right-hand side of the screen to contact one of our Suspension Experts. 

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Order a Strutmasters Mercedes C400 conversion kit today so you can drive with the peace of mind you and your Benz deserve.

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