Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit: The Best Upgrade For Your Buck

Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit: The Best Upgrade For Your Buck

Troy Hammond
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The Suzuki S40 Boulevard is a popular cruiser all around the planet. With ample power for its lightweight body, the Boulevard – formerly known has fans on multiple continents in places like Japan and New Zealand, as well as many here at home in the United States.

But while the S40 has a lot to celebrate, there’s still room to make it better. The new Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit from the Suspension Experts at Strutmasters is an affordable way to improve performance, functionality, comfort, and accessibility. These advantages make this air ride kit quite possibly the best upgrade you can buy for your Suzuki S40 when it comes to value for your dollar.

What Is a Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit?

The stock suspension on your Suzuki S40 is a spring-based coilover suspension. While this is a highly-durable and serviceable suspension, it may not be the best option for riders who want more out of their Boulevard.

The Suzuki S40 Boulevard air ride kit allows you to replace the stock suspension with an adjustable pneumatic suspension. Whereas the OEM suspension on your Suzuki uses mechanical resistance from springs and struts, an air suspension uses pressurized gas to provide damping power.

What Does a Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit Do?

An air ride functions differently from a traditional coilover suspension in a few ways. As a result, it allows the rider to do some things with their Suzuki that aren’t easy to do with the stock suspension. These include:

  • Adjust ride height: The Strutmasters Suzuki S40 Boulevard air ride kit allows you to adjust the height of your suspension and therefore, your seat height relative to the ground.
  • Adjust firmness: With an air ride kit installed, you can also adjust how firm or soft your suspension is without making modifications.
  • Lower on demand: This air ride kit allows you to go in and out of low-rider mode whenever you want in only a few seconds with the flip of a switch.

Suzuki S40 Boulevard Motorcycle Air Ride Benefits

The Suzuki S40 air ride kit from Strutmasters is an easy, affordable upgrade for your bike that provides powerful improvements instantly. After installation, you’ll notice that a few things have gotten easier, better, or both.

Instant Adjustability

Making adjustments to your stock suspension requires a great deal of effort at the least and difficult and risky modifications at worst. But with a Strutmasters air ride kit installed, you can make instant adjustments to height and firmness. Whether you want to drop your Suzuki S40 down to lowrider height or soften the suspension for a long, smooth ride, you can do so in a few seconds with the flip of a switch.

Increased Comfort

This air ride kit allows you to fine tune the firmness of your suspension to find the ideal resistance and most comfortable setting for your weight and riding style. The result is a ride that’s exactly what you want and know is best for you. This property also allows you to adjust your Suzuki S40 Boulevard suspension to accommodate an additional rider with maximum comfort.

Improved Performance

Being able to adjust the firmness of your suspension also means you can adapt it to whatever style of riding you want to do quickly and easily. Switch to a sportier, more firm feel when taking your S40 through zippy hillside highways. Make your ride softer for long cruises through the country. By adapting to your riding style, you can ensure that you get optimal performance in any conditions.

Greater Accessibility

The ability to easily adjust your ride height means a wider range of people can ride your Suzuki S40 comfortably and safely. You can drop the bike down to make it easier for shorter riders to mount and dismount. The ride height can also be raised to give taller riders a more comfortable seating position and reduce knee strain. Your OEM motorcycle suspension is a “one size fits most” approach. The Strutmasters air ride kit for your Suzuki S40 Boulevard gives “one size for everyone” accessibility.

Upgraded Aesthetics

Who doesn’t love a beautiful cruiser like your Suzuki S40 Boulevard riding low? When you install this air ride kit, you can drop your bike down whenever you want in just a few seconds. Perhaps more importantly, you can also raise it back up when you need to go anywhere with inclines or speed bumps. The Strutmasters Suzuki Boulevard air ride kit gives you all of the aesthetic value of the lowrider look without any of the safety hazards or inconveniences.

Strutmasters Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit

The Strutmasters Suzuki S40 air ride kit is the latest conversion kit from the U.S.’s Suspension Experts. Like all of the company’s conversion kits for cars and motorcycles, it has been painstakingly engineered and tested to be the best possible kit for the job.

What Comes in a Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit?

When you buy a Suzuki S40 air ride kit from Strutmasters, you can count on having everything you need to install it properly. There are two S40 air ride kits available from Strutmasters – one with an air compressor and one without one. You’ll find a list of what comes in the box for each of these S40 Boulevard kits in the section below.

Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit Without Air Compressor

Every Suzuki S40 air ride kit without a compressor comes with the following components:

  • Two custom-built air shocks
  • Air lines and fittings
  • Installation instructions

Suzuki S40 Boulevard Air Ride Kit With Compressor

The following components come with every S40 air ride kit with an air compressor:

  • Two custom-built air shocks
  • Air compressor
  • Switches
  • Pressure gauge
  • 150 psi blow-off valve
  • Wiring harness and connectors
  • Electrical & air line diagrams
  • Air lines and fittings
  • Installation instructions

Strutmasters Air Ride Kits for Suzuki S40: What You Can Expect

As leaders in the suspension industry since 1999, Strutmasters has a reputation built and maintained on quality products and service. Your suspension is one of the primary safety features on your Suzuki S40, and we value our customers’ comfort, safety, and vehicle performance like our own.

Recommended Solutions

Over the past two decades, our customers have come to expect only the best from our suspension kits and components. You can expect the following when you buy this S40 air ride kit or any other Strutmasters product:

  • Precision engineering: Our team develops custom suspension solutions in our Roxboro, North Carolina headquarters. Each part is tested and versioned until it offers the idea fit and performance for the task. Only “perfect” is good enough.
  • High-quality materials: We insist on using robust, top-tier alloys in everything from our struts to the bolts used to attach them to a vehicle. Even the rubber used in our seals and gaskets is of superior quality to ensure optimal performance that stands the test of time under all conditions.
  • Easy installation: All of our kits are engineered to be simple and fast to install, and the Suzuki S40 Boulevard kit is no different. Anyone that’s reasonably handy and has some basic tools at home should be able to complete the installation. But even if you decide to let a professional install the conversion kit, the job won’t rack up much labor time.
  • Customer support: We are here to help our customers before, during, and after they buy our products. Whether you want to learn more about air rides or other suspension topics, need help finding the right kit for your vehicle, or want assistance with installation, our Suspension Experts are ready to provide support from our North Carolina headquarters.

Ready to upgrade your Suzuki S40 Boulevard and unlock new potential for comfort, performance, and accessibility? You can buy your kit directly from our website if you know exactly what you want. If you’d like help with your order, contact our Suspension Experts at 855-489-2497 between 8AM and 9AM Monday through Friday, or 9AM and 6PM Saturday and Sunday. Outside of those hours, you can get help from our chat assistant on the lower-right hand side of the page.



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