Warn Off-Road Products: Read This Before You Buy

Warn Off-Road Products: Read This Before You Buy

Scott Beaddles
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If you’ve been looking to outfit your vehicle for the wilderness, you’ve almost certainly come across Warn off-road products. Often mentioned as a premium producer of accessories for adventure vehicles, the company’s products also tend to come at a higher price point than some others.

Are Warn off-road products worthy of their reputation and, more importantly, the money? In this article, we take a hard look at Warn Industries, the products they make, and the value they offer. Read more to see if the company is right for you.

About Warn Industries

Warn Industries got its start in 1948 when founder Arthur Warn invented a locking hub system for Jeeps left over from World War II. Originally based in Seattle, Washington, the company’s technology was quickly adopted by several major automakers. 

Then, in the 1950s, Warn developed one of the first electric winch systems for off-road recreational vehicles. These novel systems used a power supply independent of the engine and allowed vehicles to self-recover even if the engine had died.

Today, the company remains headquartered in the Pacific Northwest where it still assembles many of its products. Over the past seventy-plus years, Warn Industries has become one of the first names in specialty off-road products.

Is Warn Industries the Same as Warn Automotive?

As of 2017, Warn Industries and Warn Automotive are two separate entities owned by separate companies. Warn Industries is the company that produces the well-known lineup of off-road products. Warn Automotive, on the other hand, produces aftermarket and OEM powertrain and drivetrain components such as decoupling devices and torque transfer systems.

Warn Off-Road Products: What Do They Make?

Warn Industries specializes in products for off-road applications. The company’s products are designed to enhance vehicles’ capabilities and make them better suited for adventure. Most Warn off-road products fall into one of three main categories.

Warn Winches and Hardware

Electric winches are what brought Warn to prominence and what the company is still best known for to this day. While its most popular winches are those built for trucks and SUVs, the company offers a lineup that ranges from small, portable winches up to heavy-duty industrial ones.

Warn electric winches for off-road vehicles are available in different sizes and towing capacities. The company’s mid-frame winches – a popular choice for off-road cars, trucks, and SUVs – range from 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs of towing capacity. Warn winches for heavy-duty trucks go up to 18,000 lbs of capacity.

Warn Winch Hardware and Accessories

Warn also offers all the hardware and accessories you need to mount and use your winch. This includes items such as the following:

  • Tow straps
  • Towing hooks
  • Power cables and connectors
  • Replacement winch motors
  • Receiver brackets

Warn Bumpers and Mounts

Most vehicles are not designed to support the heavy-duty pulling capacity that Warn winch systems provide. Stock bumpers and other hardware are likely to get damaged or break entirely if used with them. 

In order to add winching capacity to your vehicle, you’ll also need to upgrade to a more robust bumper and mounts to attach the equipment. That is why Warn also sells bumpers and mounts designed specifically for use with its winches.

Warn bumpers aren’t just stronger than stock bumpers, though. They also have several other design features that make them ideal for off-road applications. For example, Warn bumpers are angled upward at the bottom to keep them from getting caught on brush and other obstacles.

Similarly, while Warn mounts provide increased strength and capacity, they also have other benefits. Some are designed to integrate winches into the body of the vehicle to keep them from sticking out and make them more aesthetically pleasing. 

Warn Hubs and Wheels

Locking wheel hubs, the product that launched Warn Industries, are still a major part of its portfolio. These hubs allow drivers to choose whether or not to engage the front axle of a four-wheel drive vehicle. When four-wheel drive is needed, the driver can lock the hubs to bind them to the turning of the axle. When it’s not, the hubs can be unlocked so that only the rear wheels are powered by the drivetrain.

While Warn hubs can be installed on many wheels, the company now offers its own wheels for off-road vehicles as well. These wheels come with locking hubs and are designed to provide peak performance in difficult terrain.

Are Warn Off-Road Products Worth It?

Warn off-road products come with both a strong reputation and a price point that’s higher than many other options. For drivers who do most of their off-roading on popular trails or who just want a cosmetic upgrade, cheaper brands may suffice. But for people who are looking to add reliable off-road capability to their vehicles, Warn is almost certainly worth the cost. 

Warn Off-Road Products Advantages

Off-road products from Warn Industries have several key advantages that make them a better choice for serious 4x4 and adventure enthusiasts than other brands. These include:

  • Build quality: Warn off-road products are renowned for their durability and dependability. Consider that when you need a winch, it may be in the wilderness far away from help. In situations like those, you can’t afford the risk of using cheaper parts that might break and leave you stranded.
  • Industry experience: A company that has specialized in solutions for off-roaders for nearly 75 years has picked up a lot of knowledge and experience along the way. If any provider understands the needs of off-road enthusiasts, it’s one of the ones that started it all.
  • Product variety: With such a wide range of products, you’re likely to find Warn winches and other equipment that deliver exactly what you need for your vehicle and off-road activities.
  • Warranties: Warn off-road products come with warranties of varying lengths, but many of them include lifetime structural warranties. That’s both insurance in case something goes wrong with your gear and a vote of confidence from the provider in the quality of the product.

Why Buy Warn Off-Road Products From Strutmasters

At Strutmasters, we have been leaders in the suspension component industry for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve developed hundreds of products, worked with dozens of manufacturers, and conducted countless hours of quality assurance testing. 

In short; we know quality when we see it. Strutmasters carries Warn off-road products because they meet the same sky-high quality standards that we require of our own kits and components.

Warn 103252 VR EVO 10 Winch

Warn 103252 VR EVO 10 Winch


WinchVR EVO 10 WinchVR EVO 10 Winch; Max Pull Cap. 10000 lbs; IP68; Electric; Steel;SPECIFICATIONS: Rated Single Line Pull (lbs.): 10000 Type: Automotive Voltage: 12 DC FEATURES: IP68-Rated Waterproof Winch Construction Keeps The Elements Out High-Performance Albright Contactor Delivers Maximum… read more

Warn 32963 Quick Connect Power Cable

Warn 32963 Quick Connect Power Cable


Winch Wire HarnessQuick Connect Power CableQuick Connect Power Cable; 20 ft.; For Rear Of Vehicle; Incl. Power Interrupt Kit;SPECIFICATIONS:WARNING CA Proposition 65: No FEATURES:Quick Connect Power Cable Quick Connect power accessories provide a safe and simple power source for portable… read more

When you purchase Warn winches and other equipment through Strutmasters, you get the support of our Suspension Experts with them. Our highly knowledgeable team members can help you explore your options and assist you in finding the right off-road components for your vehicle. We can also provide support after the sale if you run into any problems or need help with your installation. 

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