Is Your Acura MDX Suspension Failing? Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

Is Your Acura MDX Suspension Failing? Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

David Straughan
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uspension problems in the Acura MDX can be tough to identify early on. The family SUV was factory-equipped with an air suspension that makes the ride smooth and comfortable--when it works. The problem is, once things start to fail, they go downhill quickly. Soon, problems begin to compound and that once dreamy ride is now feeling more like a nightmare. Thousands of dollars in repairs could await you if they go on long enough. However, there are several warning signs to look for even before the suspension warning light comes on. These indicators of a bad or failing suspension may help you identify problems before they get too drastic. If you see one or more of the following problems with your MDX, it’s time to have someone look at the suspension:

Your MDX is Sagging or Leaning to One Side

Sometimes suspensions wear out all at once. More often than not, however, a leaky suspension will start over just one wheel. If an airbag has trouble staying inflated over one wheel, the body of the car will dip down at that point. This will cause the car to sag or lean to one side. Most often, this is the rear of the car. This makes the car appear like it is crouching down. If you see this, it is likely you have a leak in your system. Inspect it yourself or take it in.

Your Compressor is Making Too Much Noise

You’ll barely hear the air compressor in charge of inflating your MDX’s air bags when it is functioning properly. So, if it is noticeably loud, you can guess that there is a problem somewhere in the system. Similarly, if the compressor runs for more than 10-15 seconds per cycle, it is probably working too hard. Left unattended, this will cause the compressor to overwork and eventually wear out. While air bags can be repaired or replaced rather easily, the compressor itself is one of the most expensive components in the air suspension.

Your MDX Does a “Nose Dive” at Stops

Cars with a worn down suspension have trouble distributing the weight properly. This is especially evident when a car tries to come to a stop. Whereas a vehicle with a functioning suspension will stop evenly, a worn out or busted suspension will cause more weight to be distributed to the front of the car. This will cause what’s known as a “nose dive.” The front of the car dips down while the rear springs up when the car comes to a stop. The faster the stop, the worse the nose dive.

Your MDX is Taking Too Long to Stop

The suspension in your car is an important part of its braking system. By distributing the weight evenly throughout the frame, the suspension helps to slow the car down as it tries to come to a stop. If your Acura is taking longer to stop than usual and you’ve kept up with the brake service, you can almost be certain that the suspension is on its way out. While this may seem like just an inconvenience, the difference in stopping distance could be the distance between getting into an accident and driving away. Don’t ignore this potentially deadly problem.

What to Do If You’re Experiencing These Problems

Let’s put this bluntly. Air suspensions are difficult and costly to repair and even more difficult and costly to replace. A good mechanic can do a wonderful job repairing or replacing your air suspension. But understand that one problem now means that there are more problems just around the corner. Be prepared to spend thousands over the remaining lifetime of your MDX to keep the air suspension in shape. There is, however, another solution. You can ditch that air suspension and all its problems entirely by converting to a simple, time-tested coilover suspension. With Strutmasters’ four-wheel conversion kit with light fix module for the 2007-2013 Acura MDX, you can replace your entire suspension and fix the suspension warning light for under $1000. That’s thousands less than you’d pay for that OEM suspension, and it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty! Consider going the trouble-free route with your Acura MDX today. Call us at (866) 610-9848 to get started on your order now!

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