Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems and Ways to Fix Them

David Straughan
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Ever since its debut, the Cadillac Escalade has been, well, the Cadillac of SUVs. The American-made luxury vehicle has had a broad appeal, with fans and owners in nearly every demographic. The Escalade has everything you’ve come to expect from a Cadillac--a plush, roomy interior draped in leather, no-nonsense exterior design, and a smooth, smooth ride. That is, until the air suspension eventually fails. For all its popularity, Escalades, especially the ones made between 2007-2013, has had several consistent issues. One of the top complaints owners have had has been a partial or total failure of the air suspension system.

What Does "Service Suspension System" Mean on a Cadillac Escalade?

When the "Service Suspension System" warning appears on your Escalade's dashboard, it's your SUV's way of telling you that something is wrong with the suspension that needs attention. This could be caused by worn or damaged suspension components or a sensor malfunction. Either way, you'll need to have your Cadillac Escalade's air suspension inspected and repaired to ensure its safety and ride quality. Ignoring the suspension warning light could be dangerous and lead to premature failure of other parts, resulting in more costly repairs in the long run.

What Causes Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems?

For starters, the Cadillac Escalade is a behemoth. Weighing in at around 5,500 pounds, it asks a lot of the Escalade's air suspension. Add to that the weight of passengers and cargo and you have a lot of strain and stress on that original air system. However, the main problem is not specific to the Escalade. It’s air suspensions themselves.

While air suspensions provide a comfortable ride, they do so by employing a complex system of sensors and moving parts. These complicated systems rely on everything functioning in harmony to work properly. Many of the materials used in air suspensions, like rubber or plastic for the air bags, simply just don’t last. Constant use and changes in temperature and humidity over the years can dry rot or crack many of these components. In addition you have a web of moving parts under constant use. Moving parts, by their very nature, will wear down eventually and need to be replaced. The more moving parts you have in a system, the higher probability something is going to fail.

Our Cost-Effective Solution to Your Escalade Air Suspension Problems

Over the lifetime of your vehicle you could spend thousands of dollars repairing or replacing components in that air suspension. Once one component fails, others are sure to follow soon. The other option, however, is to forget the air suspension altogether and convert to a reliable, sturdy coilover suspension. A good coilover suspension just relies on mechanical springs and tension to dampen the ride. No sensors, no computers, no compressors, and no moving parts. Just a good, simple solution to your Cadillac Escalade's air suspension problems. The biggest advantage of converting to a standard coilover suspension is the amount of money you’ll save. Whereas you might spend upwards of $3,000 at the dealer to replace your air suspension, you can install a brand new suspension on all four wheels for under $850. Part of the beauty of this simple solution is that it can easily be installed at home with just a few common tools and a little mechanical sense.

If you don't want to DIY, the installation takes just about an hour per wheel. That means the labor cost of installation won’t kill your wallet either. The best part is that like most Strutmasters products, the conversion kit for your Escalade comes with a 1-year warranty. That means you can rest easy knowing that your kit is guaranteed. Give us a call at (866) 830-5450 today and get started on ending those Cadillac Escalade suspension problems for good!

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