Audi Q7 Suspension Fault? Here's The Right Way To Fix It

Audi Q7 Suspension Fault? Here's The Right Way To Fix It

Troy Hammond
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The Audi Q7 has so much going for it. With its rare combination of off-road capability, sporty handling and the smooth ride you want in a daily driver, it's not hard to see why this crossover SUV has been so popular around the world. With high-quality engineering, ample power, and style to match, the Audi Q7 does a lot right. But that doesn't mean the folks at Audi got everything right! One of the most common issues -- one you may be familiar with -- is a faulty air suspension system in the Audi Q7. And if you've had the vehicle long enough, you may have noticed these problems just get worse over time. Let's take a deeper look at how you can tell if your Audi Q7 has a suspension fault, what might be causing those problems, and how you can fix them the right way.

Signs of Audi Q7 Suspension Problems

There are several ways to figure out if your Audi Q7 has a fault in the suspension. Your vehicle comes equipped with a suspension warning light. If the problem is serious enough, you will see this light illuminated in the instrument cluster. You may also experience a sudden loss of ride height from three to five inches. But even if the suspension warning light isn't on, there still may be a problem. There are other red flags or warning signs that you shouldn't overlook. One dead giveaway is a suspension system that's overly noisy or making strange sounds. Some Q7 drivers have described a "pop" or "clunk" coming to the suspension. You might also hear the compressor getting louder; working harder than normal or running for longer than normal on a single cycle. Any of these symptoms would indicate a problem. If you hear them, you should address them.

Another telltale sign of an Audi Q7 suspension wearing out is if your vehicle does a "nose dive" when coming to a stop. This is when, as you apply the brakes, the back of the car lifts up while the front of the car dips down towards the ground. From outside the vehicle, it can look like the car is crouching. Intermittent loss of ride height is one of the most obvious signs. The vehicle may lower for a bit, then raise back up again. Even if you haven't noticed any of these yet, it's never a bad idea to be proactive. Fortunately, the "bounce test" is an easy, quick method to test the condition of your suspension. Just walk around your vehicle and press down firmly at each corner. The corners should pop right back into place and settle quickly. If the bumper takes a long time to return to its normal position or if it bounces up and down before settling, you likely have an issue with that corner of the vehicle.

Why Your Audi Q7 Keeps Having Suspension Issues

It's not just your Audi Q7 that keeps having suspension error messages. This is a common issue with air suspensions in general. While they do provide a wonderful ride, they just don't last forever. Here are just a few reasons for that.

  • Complex systems. Factory air systems are a high-tech, expensive suspension solution. They work by employing ride height sensors at each wheel to constantly assess the dips and bumps in the road surface. Then, the sensors send their readings to a specialized computer called a suspension control module. This module sends that information to the compressor where it makes pressurized air and sends it to inflate the air struts as needed to respond to changes in the road surface. What this means in a practical sense is that you've got a lot of complicated components in your Q7's air suspension. As with anything else, more parts mean more chances for things to go wrong.
  • Moving parts and flexible components. Due to electronic parts like solenoids and height sensors; and flexible materials like the rubber air springs, a suspension warning light in your Audi Q7 is all but inevitable. Moving parts, like the internal workings of an air compressor, simply wear out. The rubber bladders of an air strut dry rot, crack and leak as they age. Plus the electronics begin to fail.
  • Interdependent parts. A factory air suspension system relies on all of its components functioning well together. If one part fails, it puts stress on the whole system. Something as simple as tiny cracks seeping air from the rubber air springs can cause the compressor to work harder than it should and burn out quickly. A small problem can become a big, compound problem very quickly.

Why Replacing Your Audi Q7 Suspension Costs So Much Money

Did you try taking your Audi Q7 to the dealership so they could look at the suspension fault? And when you did, did the repair estimate send you into a state of shock? These air suspension systems are expensive. There are a few reasons for that. 

  • Expensive components. As mentioned before, the parts for these systems are very high-tech. As usual, that translates to high costs. Just a single Original Equipment air strut can range from $800 to $1200. Much like a set of tires, these parts all wear out at the same rate. Once the first one fails, three more are right behind it. That means that if you want to keep your air suspension "original," four new air struts and a new air compressor could run upwards of $4000 or more. And that's before even taking a look at the electronics and other components.
  • High labor costs. As we mentioned, these systems are complicated. That means repairing them is complicated. Working on an air suspension system can run up a hefty labor bill in a hurry. So even if you go with the slightly cheaper option of third-party aftermarket air suspension components, you'll still have to pay a small fortune in labor fees.
  • Perpetual failure. One part of your air suspension failing can cause a chain reaction that effects the entire system. That means that once you solve one problem, the seemingly endless cycle of repairs is just beginning. Each part or component failure leads to trips to the dealership and the repair costs to match. You bought your Audi Q7 to have fun, not to constantly deal with one suspension fault after another.

Is There A Better Way To Fix Your Audi Q7 Suspension?

Feeling like you'll never see an end to your Q7 suspension issues? There is a way to end that air suspension nightmare forever. With more than 20 years of experience in dealing with these types of systems, Strutmasters has developed a replacement kit that allows you to get rid of the air suspension headaches forever! Our exclusive suspension conversion kit allows you to bolt off those troublesome air struts and replace them with something much more dependable -- fully assembled coil-over struts made right here in the USA. While air suspensions are destined to fail, this suspension conversion kit does the job without needing complicated electronics and moving parts.


Rather than pressurized air and rubber, it uses our exclusive premium quality steel coil springs and high-quality struts, fully assembled and ready to bolt right on your Audi Q7. There are no solenoids to replace, no air hoses that can get punctured by gravel and other road hazards, and no mechanical air compressor. And no more expensive and complicated electronics! Just good old-fashioned steel coil springs and struts tuned exactly for your Q7. The result is a passive suspension that provides nice handling and a smooth ride that you'll love. It allows our customers to enjoy their Q7 vehicles for years to come with no more air suspension repairs. Strutmasters designs these kits to be simple, with as few moving parts as possible.

With our great installation instructions and available tech support, many of our customers prefer to skip the shop and swap out the suspension at home. All it takes is a reliable jack, a few common shop tools and about one hour per wheel. If you prefer to use a professional mechanic, the great instructions and direct fit will still save you money in actual labor costs. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. Strutmasters has been around for more than 20 years and we back all of our suspension conversion kits with a great warranty and customer service not matched anywhere! Most of our customers convert their suspension and never worry about it again.

End Your Audi Q7 Suspension Problems for Good

Does ending your Audi Q7 air suspension problems forever sound like a good idea to you? Just order our kit online if you're ready. If you still have some questions, we've got a team of Suspension Experts who will be delighted to help you. They can answer whatever questions you have about the kits or installation and help you make sure you have the right kit for your vehicle.

Give us a call at 866-317-1579. We'd love to hear from you.

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