Dodge Ram Suspension Problems? Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Fix Them

Dodge Ram Suspension Problems? Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Fix Them

David Straughan
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Has your Dodge Ram air suspension been acting up recently? As their trucks begin to age, many Ram owners notice that their car has trouble maintaining its ride height. Some might see that the rear end sags down, or notice the front end dipping down when coming to a stop.

Whatever the problem is, issues with the Dodge Ram air suspension are very common and can pose real problems for the car and its passengers.

The Suspension is Part of Your Dodge Ram’s Safety System

Many people think of their suspension as what controls the comfort of their vehicle. However, your Dodge Ram’s suspension does so much more than that.

The suspension in your Dodge Ram is what allows you to turn and stop your vehicle. It connects the body of the car to the wheels. Without it working properly, you put you and your passengers in danger.

Studies have shown that a worn out air suspension can dramatically increase the time it takes a vehicle to stop. This can be the difference between a rear end collision and avoiding an accident altogether.

Suspension warning lights or issues with your Dodge Ram suspension should not be ignored.

The Problem With Repairing your Dodge Ram Suspension

You probably fell in love with your air suspension at first. When it works, the Dodge Ram air suspension is everything you want it to be: comfortable, responsive and safe.

As it ages, though, things stop working so well. It probably seems like once the problems started, they all started to come at once.

This is how it is with air suspensions.

Air suspension systems like the one in your Dodge Ram are very complex and interconnected. When one component stops working efficiently, it puts stress on the whole system.

To use an analogy, your suspension system is like your legs. Your toe might seem like a small part of that system, but if one is broken or even slightly injured, it changes everything. Walk around on a broken toe long enough and you’ll start to feel pain in other parts of your legs.

An air suspension works in much the same way. So once one component fails, the others will start to suffer from the extra wear and tear.

That means it’s dubious at best to repair that air suspension.

Don't Trust Just Anyone To Fix Your Suspension Problems

Let’s look at the air bags, for example. Replacing just one of them costs around $300. That might not sound like a lot, but remember that they all wear out at about the same rate. You’ll need to replace those other three in the near future.

It’s not just the air bags that wear out either. Your Dodge Ram also has moving parts like the ride height sensors and compressor. It also features components like the air lines which are flexible and fragile.

All in all, you’re talking about a system that will end up costing thousands to replace over the lifetime of the vehicle.

While that's really bad news for you, the Dodge Ram owner, that's great news for your mechanic or dealership. They'll be happy to know they have more work coming down the line.

Other Options for Your Dodge Ram Suspension

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that.

Rather than sign yourself up for endless repairs, why not get rid of that busted air suspension altogether? You don’t even need it!

Instead, for just under $900 you can replace that troublesome air suspension with a brand new coilover suspension kit from Strutmasters.

These kits are made of high-quality, robust materials and produced right here in the USA. Strutmasters is so confident in the quality that it includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty with each kit.
That means you pay once and that’s it. No more trips to the dealer. No more spending money on that suspension.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your broken Dodge Ram suspension and convert to sturdy, reliable coils, give us a call at (866) 239-4896 and let our Suspension Experts match you with the perfect kit!

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