Do Your Jeep Cherokee a Favor and Get Rid of That Faulty Air Suspension

Do Your Jeep Cherokee a Favor and Get Rid of That Faulty Air Suspension

Troy Hammond
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Few vehicles in the modern era are as iconic as Jeeps. Big, powerful, and capable of just about anything, the Jeep Cherokee is a true American vehicle.

However, like all big, heavy vehicles that ask a lot of their air suspension, there will come a time in your Jeep Cherokee’s life in which the air suspension no longer works as it needs to.

This puts the Jeep Cherokee owner in a tough spot. Not only does a bad air suspension affect the comfort and safety of your vehicle, it is prohibitively expensive to fix.

Why Jeep Cherokee Air Suspensions Are So Expensive to Fix

Air suspensions work by using pressurized gas or air to inflate “air springs.” Commonly referred to as air bags, they do the work of suspending the car off of its wheels and the ground.

In order for these to work properly, the following sequence of events must happen:

1. Ride height sensors placed at each wheel measure how high the car is off the ground at that point.

2. That information is sent to the control module, a small computer that processes that information.

3. The module then determines whether that corner of the Cherokee needs to move up, down or stay where it’s at.

4. Once it determines that, the compressor kicks on and pushes pressurized gas through flexible tubing and into the air bags.

This process happens thousands of times every time you drive your Cherokee.

If you were counting, that’s five major components involved in just one process. This process includes mechanical, electronic, and pneumatic elements. In other words, it’s highly complex.

Air suspensions also rely on expensive computer chips and parts that move to function. All of these components are individually very expensive. They are also rather difficult to repair or install.

Endless Jeep Cherokee Suspension Repairs

Another issue with air suspensions is that once you do fix something, you’re likely to be right back at the mechanic in the near future. The reason for this is that while the wear and tear on your suspension is never 100% even, the parts are all made to the same quality. That means that one failing air bag should tell you that more or on the way.

In addition, due to the nature of how they work, many components need to be made of flexible and less robust materials. This leaves them open to breaking or wearing out very easily.

Eventually, you may decide that constantly going back to the dealership is costing you way too much time and money.

A Better Solution For Your Cherokee

Why waste time and money replacing parts of a failing air suspension system when you could have an all new suspension system for a fraction of the price?

If you have the money and want to spend it, you can replace your entire air suspension at once and maybe make it to the end of your Cherokee’s lifetime. Or, you could save thousands and install a brand new coilover suspension from Strutmasters.

This kit is the simple, durable suspension solution your Jeep Cherokee deserves. Made of high quality materials and manufactured right here in the USA, Strutmasters suspension conversion kits are built to last. They are even designed to be easy to install yourself, saving you tons in labor costs!

Each kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty that’s good for as long as your Cherokee is still on the road. Once you buy this kit, you will never have to shell out more money for your Jeep suspension ever again.

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If you're ready to replace your broken air suspension, we're ready to help. Shop our selection of Jeep suspension kits and get your Grand Cherokee driving better than ever! 

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