5 really good reasons to add air shocks to your Harley-Davidson

5 really good reasons to add air shocks to your Harley-Davidson

David Straughan
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Air shocks used to be a bit of a rigged solution for Harley riders. In order to get that air ride feel, many owners were stripping air suspension components off of old Chevys and other vehicles. Then they would modify them to fit their Harley.

Now, suspension industry leader Strutmasters is offering its signature engineering touch in the world of motorcycle air suspensions. The EZ Rider air shocks line gives riders the choice of installing premium air shocks that are engineered specifically for their motorcycle.

These easy-to-install kits offer many benefits to Harley owners. Let's take look at some of them here.

5. Adjustable ride height for your Harley

Although no two people are built exactly alike, you’d think everyone was based on how motorcycles are built.

No matter how tall or short you are, the seat on your Harley is fixed at the same height. For tall folks, that means keeping your legs in uncomfortable positions while riding. For shorter folks, that means not always being able to put their feet down. That’s not just uncomfortable, it’s downright dangerous.

Air shocks, like the EZ Rider system, allow Harley owners to quickly adjust the ride height on their motorcycle. This means a more comfortable and safer ride for everyone.

4. Better ride comfort

If you’ve ever driven a car with air shocks, you know what that ride feels like. It’s smooth, almost like you’re floating on a cloud.

As anyone who’s spent more than a little time on a motorcycle knows, the shock of the road can start to take its toll pretty quickly.

With EZ Rider air shocks, Harley owners can enjoy a much smoother, more comfortable ride. While they’re great for Sunday drivers, the effect is maximized for riders who like to put in long hours on the road.

Strutmasters’ exclusive design includes a rubber bump stop inside to eliminate a harsh ride when the air shocks are fully compressed.

3. Adjustable firmness

Just as not all riders are built the same, not all Harley riders drive the same either.

Some drivers prefer a softer suspension that makes their ride feel smooth and easy. Others prefer a firmer, sportier suspension.

But what if you didn’t have to choose just one? Once installed, drivers can adjust the firmness of the suspension to their preference. This essentially means a different suspension for different situations.

2. Better for passengers

Air shocks aren’t just more comfortable for you, they’re more comfortable for your passengers, too.

The EZ Rider air shock system offers additional support for motorcycle passengers. This can potentially save you tons in wear and tear on your Harley if you put a lot of miles in.

Air shocks also offer the same adjustability benefits to passengers as they do drivers.

1. Looks cool

Okay, let’s face it. This is why a lot of you are here.

There is no doubt that lowered Harleys look just about as boss as anything else on the road. With the EZ Rider Harley kit, you can lower your bike whenever you want to, and raise it back up whenever you need to.

With these kits, you can appreciate the good looks of a lowered bike whenever you want without sacrificing your ride control or scraping the bottom of your bike.


Order your easy-to-install kit today and enjoy all the benefits EZ Rider air shocks have to offer!

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