How To Fix Porsche Macan Suspension System Fault

How To Fix Porsche Macan Suspension System Fault

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Porsche debuted the Macan in 2014 as its entry into the crossover SUV market. The Macan features everything drivers have come to expect from a Porsche – unmistakable design, understated luxury, and top-of-the-line performance. However, Macan owners have consistently reported issues with the vehicle’s air suspension system since the model hit markets around the world.

Fixing these suspension issues is often an enormous expense, given the cost of Porsche parts and labor. However, new alternative solutions for dealing with Macan suspension problems have given Porsche owners a much cheaper way to get back their vehicle’s factory performance. 

In this article, we go over some of the most common suspension problems reported by Macan owners and how to detect those problems early on. We also provide costs and other details about different ways to fix those problems.  

Common Porsche Macan Suspension Issues

When a suspension problem on the Porsche Macan becomes significant enough, a general warning light on the instrument cluster lights up saying “Suspension system fault. Drive with caution.” However, there are numerous reasons why this warning light may come on. Some of the most common include:

  • Air compressor failure or malfunction
  • Leaking air strut
  • Suspension control module error
  • Worn-out components
  • Loose or damaged valve seals

Detecting Porsche Macan Suspension Problems

While your Macan will display the suspension system fault light when an issue becomes severe, there are also signs that problems exist before the diagnostics system can detect them. Catching air suspension issues when they are still minor can minimize the wear and tear these problems cause to your vehicle and reduce the cost of fixing them.

Here are some of the early warning signs of Porsche Macan suspension issues to look, listen, and feel for:

  • Sagging or crouching appearance: The primary job of a suspension is to keep the vehicle at the proper ride height. If your Macan appears to be sagging in the rear or dipping down in the front – giving it the appearance of “crouching” – the air suspension is most likely not functioning properly.
  • Leaning to one side or one corner: Loss of proper ride height in the Porsche Macan is most common in the front or rear end of the vehicle. However, it can also occur on the passenger or driver side of the vehicle, or even just one corner. Bottom line: if any part of your Macan is drooping down, there is likely an issue with the air suspension.
  • Noisy compressor: The suspension air compressor is one of the most common sources of Macan suspension issues. Under normal conditions, its operating sounds are barely noticeable. If you hear the compressor running loudly or for an extended period of time, this is a sign that it is experiencing problems.
  • Loose handling: Porsche vehicles are known around the world for their world-class handling. If you can feel your Macan swaying around turns or simply not being as responsive as it should be, the air suspension is likely the source of that issue.
  • Long stopping: Your suspension absorbs much of the force of bringing your Macan to a stop. When the suspension is worn out or experiencing issues, it can make it much more difficult and dangerous to stop. If your Porsche is taking longer to stop than it should and your brakes are in good shape, the problem is likely with the air suspension.

How To Fix a Porsche Macan Suspension System

Whatever the problem with your Macan air suspension is, it is important to address it as soon as possible. Driving on a malfunctioning air suspension is uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous as it can reduce the vehicle’s ability to respond to the driver’s actions and increase the risk of a collision.

There are several ways you can go about fixing the suspension system fault on your Porsche. Each has its own advantages, drawbacks, and costs associated with it.

Repairing a Porsche Macan Air Suspension

Most Porsche owners’ first instinct upon seeing the suspension system fault light is to head to the dealership for repairs. Going this route means you’ll get certified Porsche replacement parts and have your work performed by Porsche specialists. However, this comes at a significant cost.

For example, just one Porsche Macan original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement air strut can cost over $1,400 on its own. The notoriously unreliable compressor can cost more than $1,000. In most cases, you’ll need to replace more than one component and often multiple air springs. This can bring the cost of parts alone up to several thousand dollars.

And, as any Porsche owner knows, certified labor at the dealership doesn’t come cheap either. Repair work at a Porsche dealership often costs over $300 per hour. The complicated job of replacing and repairing air suspension components can be a time-consuming repair, adding hundreds or even over a thousand dollars on top of the cost of parts.

Using Porsche Aftermarket Air Suspension Parts

As more and more Macan owners have reported significant suspension problems with their vehicles, third-party manufacturers have begun producing their own replacement air ride components. These replacement parts cost significantly less than their OEM equivalents. When made by reputable manufacturers, they can match or even exceed the OEM parts in fit and performance.

However, those parts still need to be installed by a technician that’s qualified to work on a Porsche. Even at independent repair shops, this specialized labor can still drive a premium price. Again, repairing an air suspension can be complex and time-consuming, meaning the labor portion of the repair bill can still be prohibitively expensive.

In addition, unless you replace all the major components in your Macan’s air suspension system, you’re likely to continue experiencing problems. Often, a failed air strut or compressor is just the first in a long line of breakdowns in the suspension. That means more replacement components and more expensive trips to the shop, even if you’re saving money on parts and labor.

Fix Porsche Macan Air Suspension by Converting

An alternative way to fix your Porsche Macan air ride is to get rid of it entirely and replace it with a brand new passive coilover suspension. Coilovers are a more traditional suspension that uses mechanical resistance from steel springs to support the vehicle, distribute its weight, and absorb the impact of road surfaces. 

These passive suspension systems lack the adaptability of active air suspensions, but they excel in other ways. Without so many moving parts and computer-controlled components, coilover systems are much simpler and more reliable. There is just simply less that can go wrong.

But the biggest advantage of these systems is that they tend to cost a fraction of what their air suspension equivalent would cost. That means they offer a long-lasting, dependable fix at a much more affordable price. For many Porsche owners, this makes it a much better option – especially on older Macan vehicles.

Strutmasters Porsche Macan Suspension Conversion Kit

Due to significant popular demand, Strutmasters has released its own Porsche Macan air suspension conversion kit. This kit enables owners of the 2015 - 2023 Macan GTS to completely replace their entire air ride system with a brand new, ultra-reliable coilover suspension. It does so at $1,349 for the entire kit – less than the cost of one OEM replacement air strut. 

Recommended Solutions

In addition to a much lower cost of parts, Strutmasters engineers designed this kit to be easy to install. Many car owners have found the job simple enough to do at home with just a few common tools, a sturdy jack or set of chucks, and about one hour per wheel. But even if you have the conversion kit installed by a trusted mechanic, the relative ease and speed of the installation means you’ll also save money on labor.

What’s In the Box

The Strutmasters Porsche Macan air suspension conversion kit comes with everything you need to completely replace your failed air ride. You’ll find the following in each kit:

  • Two complete, fully-assembled Porsche Macan GTS front struts with premium springs
  • Two complete, fully-assembled Porsche Macan GTS rear struts with premium springs
  • All necessary mounts and mounting hardware
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions

Strutmasters Porsche Macan Air Suspension Conversion Kit: The Most Cost-Effective Fix

You could spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair your Porsche Macan air suspension issues at the dealership, but you don’t have to. Converting your active air suspension to a passive coilover system provides many of the same benefits and some added reliability for thousands less. 

As one of the most trusted names in the suspension industry, there are several things you can count on with every Strutmasters conversion kit and suspension component:

  • Premium components: We insist on only the best materials and strictest manufacturing standards for the components in our kits, ensuring long-lasting and dependable performance.
  • Obsessive engineering: Our engineers spend countless hours developing and testing new components and kits to ensure exact fit and optimal performance. You’ll find that the new coilover suspension rivals the feel and function of your original air ride, offering slightly sportier handling in many cases.
  • Guaranteed quality: All of our kits and components, including the Porsche Macan conversion kit, are backed by a one-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. We want our customers to be as confident in our products as we are.
  • Expert support: Our in-house Suspension Experts are here to help you through every step of the process. Located in our Roxboro, NC headquarters, our team members can help you do everything from finding the right product to installing the kit yourself and everything in between.

If you’re ready to end your Porsche Macan suspension issues for good and get back to enjoying your ride, you can purchase your conversion kit on our website. Still have questions? You can reach our Suspension Experts from 8AM to 9PM Monday through Friday, or from 9AM to 6PM on Saturday at 844-255-3536. Our online chat assistant, located at the bottom-right of your screen, is available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.


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