Got Hyundai Equus Suspension Problems? We've Got the Solution

Got Hyundai Equus Suspension Problems? We've Got the Solution

Troy Hammond
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The Hyundai Equus caught the luxury auto market off-guard when it debuted. Stuffed to the gills with top-shelf refinements and packed with a 468-hp V8 engine, the Equus squares up nicely with the Lexus LS, Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 

Although the Equus can cost thousands or even tens of thousands less than its luxury market counterparts, this executive-class sedan absolutely rivals them in drive and style. One of its most attractive features is its employment of an air suspension system.

But while the ride is uncomparably smooth, it doesn't last forever. Many Hyundai Equus owners find that their air suspension begins to fail at higher mileage. Let's break down some Hyundai suspension problems and solutions.

Common Hyundai Equus Air Suspension Problems

Knowing how to spot an air suspension issue can help you solve the problem before it turns into a bigger one. Some of the most common air suspension problems drivers experience include:

  • Uneven ride height: One of the car's corners is noticeably lower than the others at normal ride height. The root cause of this issue is usually a damaged height sensor.
  • Sagging corners: One or more of the car's corners sinks when driving or parking. When you attempt to adjust the ride height, the display says the car is at normal height. This issue could come from damaged sensors or computer malfunctions.
  • Compressor issues: The compressor is a small pump that generates air for the suspension system. When it acts up, your suspension system may not allow you to raise the ride height to its normal setting. It may also make abnormal noises, such as loud grinding or whining.
  • Uneven tire wear: If your tires are all wearing out at different rates, it could be the result of a suspension failure.

Because air suspension systems are so complex, there are many potential causes for issues. Issues generally result from two primary drawbacks of this system type.

What Causes Air Suspension Issues?

As we mentioned earlier, air suspensions are great — when they work. The problem is that they will all wear out eventually. But why is that? 

Suspension issues typically stem from two main factors: component design and system complexity.

Component Design Issues

Air suspension systems use pressurized air bags made from flexible rubber and plastic to keep your Equus suspended off the frame. While this design provides some nice cushioning and responsiveness, you can see where the problems might begin.

Problems occur in more than just the air springs. The flexible rubber air lines that carry the air from the compressor to the air springs are especially prone to punctures and tears.

Other components feature complicated systems of moving parts, which all wear down over time. For example, the ride height sensors move up and down while they take readings. This constant movement wears the component down over time, leading to system malfunctions down the line. 

What's more, the air suspension system relies on the electronic control module to function properly. Electronic components can fail in more ways than mechanical components, which can affect the rest of the car. If this miniature computer malfunctions, the entire system can begin experiencing issues. 

Complexity Issues

Air suspension systems are complex networks of moving parts and electronics, which is the biggest reason why they fail so often. 

Each component in the system fails in a different way. And when one component fails, the others will overwork themselves to try and compensate. This added load typically leads to rapid decline in the other components. 

Overall, the system's success depends on each part working perfectly. When one doesn't, the whole system suffers. With so many parts in an air suspension system, the risk of failure is high, approaching certainty.

How to Fix Equus Suspension Problems

If your suspension system is failing, don't worry — you can still save your Equus! Here are some potential solutions for the most common Hyundai Equus problems. 

Perform a Hyundai Equus Air Suspension Reset

Perform a Hyundai Equus Air Suspension Reset

If your air suspension is working improperly, you could try resetting it. All you have to do is disconnect the battery and allow it to rest for at least 10 minutes. Then, when you reconnect it, the suspension system will automatically restart.

Although this process can solve some minor suspension problems, it's rarely a suitable long-term solution. You need to tackle the root cause of the problem for long-term success.

Replace Worn-Out Components

When you take your Equus into the Hyundai shop, your mechanic will likely suggest you replace the damaged components with OEM parts. This repair bill may not seem too high. But keep in mind these components are all eventually likely to wear out again. 

This is just the first repair, after all, and these same issues might continue to pop up for the rest of your car's life. So what can you do? If a broken air suspension is so expensive to fix, are there any other options?

What About an Equus Air Suspension Replacement?

There's good news here. You can fix your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good with one of our coil spring conversion kits. Better yet, you can do it for far less than it would cost to replace a single component

Here are some reasons why replacing your Equus air suspension system with a Strutmasters coil spring system is the best call:

  • Cost-effectiveness: This kit from Strutmasters allows you to permanently fix your Hyundai Equus suspension for just under $1,000. That's about what it would cost you to replace just one of your air struts. 
  • Durability: Converting to sturdy, reliable mechanical coils means you can avoid dealing with air suspension problems for good. We make our kits from rugged, cold-wound stainless steel for optimum strength. It's quality you can count on.
  • Simplicity: The true beauty of the Strutmasters design is the simplicity. No moving parts, no electronics. These kits rely on tried-and-true mechanical resistance to do the job. With Strutmasters' patented Glide-Ride Technology, you'll find that your Equus rides more or less like it did when it was new. 

Plus, we designed our kits for easy DIY installation so you can upgrade your car from the comfort of your own garage — all you need to get started is a car jack, some standard tools and some spare time. 

Shop Strutmasters Hyundai Equus Conversion Kits

Shop Strutmasters Hyundai Equus Conversion Kits

Ready to end your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good? Order your kit online or call our Suspension Experts at 866-597-2397. They'll make sure you get exactly what you need and will answer any questions you may have.

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