Jaguar XJ Having Suspension Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them

Jaguar XJ Having Suspension Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them

Troy Hammond
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The Jaguar XJ is the very essence of the British automaker’s philosophy—unmistakable styling, a luxurious interior, and incredible performance. It’s a car literally fit for a queen, as it is one of the British Royal family’s preferred vehicles. But one aspect of the Jaguar XJ that isn’t so celebrated is common, persistent problems with its air suspension system.

If you’ve been having issues with your XJ suspension, you’re not alone. Many Jaguar owners have reported problems with their air suspension. Fortunately, you have several ways to fix these issues; with some being better than others. Let’s take a look at how and why the Jaguar XJ air suspension can fail and the best way to fix that suspension failure.

There are a few common warning signs of suspension problems in the Jaguar XJ

Your Jaguar XJ has a built-in sensor that detects problems with the air suspension. When the problem gets bad enough, you will see an “Air Suspension Fault” warning appear on the dash. But even before that message pops up, there are several warning signs you can look for to detect issues early.

One issue many XJ owners experience is their car leaning to one side or the other. Sometimes this is leaning to the right or to the left, but it can also sag down in the rear. Some people refer to this as “crouching” due to its appearance.

Another sign of early suspension failure is too much noise coming from the suspension. Usually, this means noise coming from the air compressor. If you can hear the compressor very loudly or if it cycles for much longer than usual, it is likely a suspension problem.

But you also have an active way to look for suspension issues. Walk to each corner of your Jaguar and push down. If the bumper rises up and settles immediately, your suspension at that corner is probably fine. On the other hand, if it takes a while to pop back up or bounces around before settling, you likely have a problem at that wheel. This is known as the “bounce test.”

Taking your Jaguar XJ in to fix the air suspension fault at the dealership can cost thousands

Many people take their Jaguar XJ to the dealership at the first sign of suspension problems. Anyone who’s owned a Jaguar knows that repairs don’t come cheap. But air suspension repairs at the Jaguar dealership are a whole new level of expensive.

Just one OEM air spring will set you back more than $1,600. You read that right—$1,600 just for one part. And once one air strut goes out, you can bet the rest are on the way. These components all tend to wear out at the same rate.

That’s not even considering the cost of expensive parts like the suspension control module, sensors, and compressor. These parts are all going to wear out at some point and need replacing.

You can easily spend far more than your Jaguar is worth to replace the suspension if you take it to the dealership.

Third-party air suspension replacement parts have their own issues

There are alternatives if you want to keep your air suspension. Some companies sell aftermarket air suspension components that more or less stack up to Jaguar’s OEM ones. But there’s still a big problem—the cost of labor.

Even if you find a great deal on parts, air suspensions are very complicated systems. That translates to a lot of time under the hood. So while you’ll save some on those air suspension components, you’ll still have to fork out a small fortune to get them installed.

And even after you’ve gotten your new components installed, you haven’t solved the main problem. Due to their complex nature and reliance on moving parts and flexible materials, your Jaguar XJ air suspension is going to break down at some point. That’s not a Jaguar problem—all air suspensions eventually do.

There is a better way to fix your Jaguar XJ suspension problems

If you’re looking to end your Jaguar XJ suspension problems for good without breaking the bank, there is a solution for you. The engineers at Strutmasters have developed a suspension replacement kit just for your vehicle.

This kit allows you to ditch your XJ air suspension and convert to standard coilover struts and shocks. Instead of air and rubber, your Jaguar will be sitting on strong, sturdy steel struts and cold-wound coils. The result is far more durable—and much less expensive.

For just under $1,100, you can replace your entire suspension. No more air hoses and computers. No more sensors and compressors. Just simple, durable Made-in-the-USA mechanical resistance.

We’ve engineered this kit to come as close as possible to your original ride. Our engineers have worked hard to perfectly tune and rate the springs to deliver optimal resistance. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll enjoy the same smooth ride and sporty handling your XJ is known for.

These kits are designed to be easy to install, requiring only a few simple tools and a sturdy jack. Many of our customers just decide to do the installation themselves. But even if you’re not mechanically inclined yourself, you’ll still save bundles on shop fees. Installing this kit only takes a couple of hours in total.

Like all of our kits, this one is backed by a one-year warranty and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on the coil springs. That means you can enjoy driving on your new suspension worry-free.

Ready to convert and save?

Don’t wait around to solve suspension problems on your Jaguar XJ. Suspension issues only get more expensive to fix and more dangerous as time goes on.

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You can order your kit online and have it shipped to you or your preferred shop in just a few days. But if you still have questions, we’re here to help. Our Suspension Experts are standing by and ready to help you in any way they can. Just call to reach us.

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