Porsche Cayenne Air Suspension Problems and Solutions

Porsche Cayenne Air Suspension Problems and Solutions

Troy Hammond
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The Porsche Cayenne is one of the most popular crossover SUVs on the road for a reason. The German-engineered vehicle combines the rugged off-road capability of an SUV with the sporty performance of a Porsche. While these vehicles are another example of the company's mechanical and design excellence, they are not without their problems. Unfortunately, air suspension problems are an all-too-common issue for Porsche Cayenne owners. Let's take a look at how to spot suspension issues and what you can do about them.

How To Check Your Porsche Cayenne for Suspension Problems

Your Porsche Cayenne comes with an onboard alert system to let you know if your suspension has major issues. If you see "WARNING AIR SUSPENSION" in the cluster, your suspension is in need of repair. But even if you don't see this light, you could still be having suspension issues. Here are a few other ways to check.

  • Look for warning signs. Is your Cayenne sitting lower than it should? Are you experiencing intermittent loss of ride height? Compare how the vehicle looks now with a photo of a new one. If it appears to be sitting significantly lower (with no weight in the cargo area or passengers), it is likely you have a suspension problem.
  • Listen for strange sounds. Your Cayenne's suspension should be more or less silent. If you hear the compressor running loudly or excessively; or hear any popping or creaking noises from the suspension, it's an indication you've got a problem.
  • Feel for soft suspension. The bounce test is a quick, easy way to test your car's suspension. You can identify problems with your Porsche Cayenne suspension by walking around your car and pushing down on the bumper at each wheel. Pay attention to how the bumper responds when you let go. It should spring right back into place. If it bounces around before settling or takes a long time to pop back up, this indicates worn components and a probable issue at that wheel.

What Causes Porsche Cayenne Suspension Issues?

Having suspension problems once is bad enough. But for most Cayenne owners those problems don't go away; they keep getting worse. Here are a few reasons why problems continue to arise: 

  • It's a very complex system. Your Porsche Cayenne has an active suspension that uses pressurized air to support the weight of your vehicle. Ride height sensors at each wheel are constantly measuring the height of your chassis from the road. They send these readings to a central computer called a suspension control module. This module then instructs the compressor on how much air to generate and where to send it. Then, the compressor pushes this air to inflate the air struts to smooth out the ride. If it sounds complicated -- it is!
  • Moving parts and breakable materials. The active suspension system in your car depends on a series of moving parts and components made with materials that are prone to wearing out. For example, the rubber bladder portion of your air springs begins to rot, crack, or tear over time -- especially in cold environments.
  • Parts that rely on each other. In an air suspension system like the one in your Cayenne, each part depends on the entire system working flawlessly. One part malfunctioning could cause the other components to deteriorate early. For example, if your control module has a small malfunction, it could cause the compressor to work overtime and fail early.

Why Your Cayenne Air Suspension Replacement Costs So Much

If you've tried repairing your Cayenne's air suspension, you know how expensive it can be. Just a single OEM replacement air strut can be in the $1200 to $1500 range. And here's the thing about air struts: once one of them goes out, the rest are right behind them. Think of it as buying one tire at a time for your vehicle instead of replacing the entire set.

To truly repair your Porsche's air suspension, you'll have to replace all four struts and likely the air compressor, too. There is always the option to go with aftermarket parts. These components might be of inferior quality to the OEM ones, but they are just as complicated. That means any mechanic is going to have to spend a good chunk of time under the hood replacing them. So while you might be saving some in parts, you'll still end up with a big labor bill. It's also that it's not just one repair.

Once the repairs start on an air suspension, they don't end. That means more trips to the shop, more parts to replace, and more time not driving your Porsche. Continuing to fix that faulty air suspension over and over will cost you time too.

A Better Way to Fix Your Porsche Suspension

It might sound like you'll never see the end of your Porsche Cayenne air suspension problems. At least not unless you're willing to break the bank. But you do have another option.

The engineers at Strutmasters have designed a suspension conversion kit just for your Porsche Cayenne. It allows you to replace the complicated factory suspension entirely and use dependable steel coil springs and passive struts -- at a fraction of the cost of an air suspension system. Imagine never having to worry about the air suspension system ever failing again. Your Cayenne's factory suspension uses computers, flexible materials, and air to hold your car up.

The Strutmasters replacement kit uses American-made steel and mechanical resistance. These kits do away with the complexity of an air suspension system and replace it with something simple. Just struts, springs, and all the mounting hardware you need to install them. They're so simple, in fact, many of our customers complete the installation at home. But even if you hire a mechanic, the relatively short and easy installation process means you'll save money on labor too.

With Strutmasters, quality is part of our brand. That's why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on this product -- meaning we stand behind our exclusive steel coil springs as long as your own your Cayenne. Switching to our Coilover strut suspension system means no more air suspension headaches and expenses ever again!

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If you still have questions, we're here to help. Just call our Suspension Experts at 866-317-1579 and we'll be happy to make sure you get exactly what you need to get back to enjoying your Porsche Cayenne.

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