Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs

Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs

Scott Beaddles
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A stock rear suspension may be plenty for people who primarily use their vans or trucks to get around town. But that stock suspension may just not cut it for people who use their vehicles to get jobs done. 

For those drivers, rear heavy-duty shock absorbers with overload springs may be the perfect answer. In this article, we’ll dive into what these rear suspension upgrades are, how they work, and whether or not they’re worth it for you to install on your vehicle.

What Are Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs?

Heavy-duty shocks with overload springs for the rear of your vehicle are an upgraded suspension assembly for heavier vehicles like pickup trucks. They can be used to increase the load capacity and performance of a vehicle, along with other added benefits.

Rear-End Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers Explained

The shock absorbers on your van or truck are what keep your vehicle’s body at the proper ride height and cushion the ride. Most vehicles’ stock rear suspension is designed and rated for light-duty use. While this provides plenty of capability for many drivers, it may not be enough for people who use their vehicles to haul heavy loads – especially over unpaved surfaces.

How Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers Are Different From Stock

Heavy-duty shocks are a step up from their stock counterparts in a few different ways:

  • Stronger materials: The alloys used in heavy-duty shocks are often of a higher grade than ones used in stock components. This means they offer a better strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Higher rating: Suspensions are rated to assess how much weight they can safely carry. Heavier-duty shocks are rated to support more weight than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. 
  • Tougher components: Heavy-duty suspension assemblies also contain internal components like bump stops that can handle more impact and more weight.

Overload Springs Explained

Also called helper springs, overload springs are an add-on to a suspension assembly that helps add to the load capacity and offer other performance benefits. There are two main types of overload springs you’ll find for your vehicle.

Leaf Helper Springs

Leaf springs are sometimes used as the primary suspension component, but they can also be used as overload springs when added to a vehicle with an existing coil suspension. As an add-on, they can increase load capacity and add stability.

These overload springs are typically a bow-shaped piece of metal that bridges two wheels. In doing so, it distributes the weight of a load and the force from driving more evenly across the frame of a vehicle.

Bump Stop Upgrade Overload Springs

Another form of overload spring is an upgraded version of a suspension bump stop. This component absorbs much of the impact of shock from the road. It also prevents the piston in a suspension assembly from bottoming out.

Upgraded bump stops are what you’ll typically find as part of a rear heavy-duty shock absorber with overload springs assembly. They are more durable and provide more resistance more consistently than stock bump stocks.

How Do Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs Work?

Many loads you’d need to haul at places like construction sites are too heavy for the stock suspension on your vehicle. Heavy-duty shocks outfitted with helper springs work by replacing your stock shock assemblies with ones that are designed to carry more weight.

These more robust assemblies offer two layers of added capacity and performance. Both the heavier-duty shocks and the overload springs improve upon the stock components independently. Combined, they result in a rear suspension for your vehicle that is substantially more capable and performs better under pressure.

Benefits of Upgrading to Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs

The obvious benefit of upgrading your rear suspension to heavy-duty shocks with helper springs is the increase in load capacity. But adding them to your vehicle offers several other noteworthy benefits, including:

  • Reduced strain on other components: The additional support in your rear suspension also reduces the amount of strain hauling loads puts on your vehicle. This leads to less wear and tear on its frame and other components and can extend their lifetime.
  • More even wear and tear: An upgrade to heavy-duty rear shocks with overload springs will help distribute the weight of a load across the body of your vehicle. As a result, it reduces the amount of stress put on individual suspension components and allows them to wear out more evenly over a longer period of time.
  • Improved stability: With extra support, vehicles carrying loads are much more stable going through turns and corners. This helps the driver control the vehicle and reduces the chance of a rollover – especially if off-road conditions.
  • Added comfort: Improved support also means improved damping. While carrying a heavy load on a stock suspension can result in a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, heavy-duty shocks with overload springs keep your vehicle riding smooth even on rough surfaces.
  • Better stopping: Hauling anything heavy in your vehicle makes it harder to stop. Since your suspension is what absorbs much of the force of stopping, upgrading it also improves its ability to bring your vehicle to a stop quickly and safely. It also reduces the strain on your brake pads and cylinders, helping them last longer.

Are Rear Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers with Overload Springs Worth It?

Adding rear heavy-duty shock absorbers with overload springs to your vehicle has an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio. For people who need more out of their suspension, it’s worth it to upgrade. 

These shock assemblies are a relatively inexpensive way to greatly improve your vehicle’s performance. For some, it can give it the additional capability it needs to serve as a highly-reliable work vehicle that it may not have had previously. 

But replacing your rear stock suspension with heavy-duty assemblies with overload springs can actually save you money in some cases. These shock upgrades can extend the lifetime of other components on your vehicle. That means there’s a good chance that you’ll spend less money over time repairing and replacing both major components like suspension and steering parts and wearable components like brake pads.

Finally, the additional support you get from rear heavy-duty shocks with helper springs results in a vehicle that is all-around safer to drive. A van or truck that handles and brakes better makes it easier to avoid accidents and rollovers under any conditions. Upgrading your shocks is probably worth it just for the added safety alone.

Why Get Your Heavy-Duty Shocks With Overload Springs From Strutmasters

Strutmasters has been a leader in the suspension component industry since 1999, with a reputation built on quality parts and quality service. Every kit and component we sell meets our strict quality standards – among the most rigorous in the industry. 

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When you buy suspension products from Strutmasters, you don’t just get high-quality parts. You also get the support of nearly 25 years of suspension knowledge and experience along with it.

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