Wally Stroupe lays down a 6.676 with boost from Strutmasters, KB Racing

Wally Stroupe lays down a 6.676 with boost from Strutmasters, KB Racing

David Straughan
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Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Strutmasters.com and a new engine from KB Racing, Wally Stroupe has made enormous strides in the NHRA Pro Stock class. Stroupe added a new 500-cid Engine from KB Racing just before Chicago. As a result, this past Friday in Norwalk, he had one of the best runs of his career with a 6.676. The impressive time after the team had struggled a bit in the NHRA Pro Stock season this year. So what changed?

Strutmasters steps up for Stroupe

The team had been finding it hard to make the kinds of times they were hoping to make. The team looked to Chip Lofton, who is building an impressive portfolio with his suspension company Strutmasters.com. “We had Strutmasters come on board earlier this year as a sponsor,” said Stroupe. “when I lost to Bo Butner in the first round in Richmond, they wanted to know what we had to do to become more competitive.” “I told them we had no power and we decided to fix that,” Stroupe continued. “So we got an engine from KB Racing I had talked to Greg and Jason before, so we had a good relationship, and it just seemed like the perfect time to finally put a deal together.” It was this that sparked a huge change in the SRC Motorsports camp.

Wally Stroupe on the rise

“With our old engine, we had this car going about as fast as it would go,” said Stroupe. “We could qualify at most of the races, but we weren’t competitive enough to actually win a round.” Changing engines seems it would be fairly routine for a Pro Stock team. However, the engine upgrade required a complete re-tuning and overhaul of Stroupe’s Camaro. Over the past several weeks, the team has tested things like the gear ratios, chassis settings and clutch tuning. During this time, the car has shown marked progress. During one recent test session, Stroupe laid down a blistering 6.58. It’s the type of time that shows what could be possible for the driver and his team. The new engine and added support have given SRC Motorsports the necessary firepower to make headway in the hyper-competitve NHRA Pro Stock class. The tough field means a lot more work and preparation is necessary. Stroupe is voluntarily sitting out a few events this year to continue to set himself up for a big year next year. Still, with the support of Strutmasters behind him, the North Carolina-based driver has plenty to be optimistic about. “Our deal with Strutmasters has been great and we’re looking forward to expanding it,” said Stroupe. “If all goes well, we’re hoping to be able to run in all 18 events next year.”

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