Strutmasters Ups Sponsorship of Clay Millican, Stringer Performance, to Become Co-Sponsor

Strutmasters Ups Sponsorship of Clay Millican, Stringer Performance, to Become Co-Sponsor

David Straughan
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Roxboro, NC North Carolina-based suspension manufacturer is increasing its sponsorship of the NHRA Top Fuel racing team Stringer Performance. The move makes Strutmasters a co-primary sponsor. They will join longtime Stringer Performance partner Parts Plus. The company has continually increased its marketing since it began its partnership with Stringer Performance in 2017. What was at first an associate sponsor relationship has grown in 2018. Strutmasters was the co-primary sponsor for five separate events during the 2018 season.
Clay stomps that loud pedal in the race car all the way to another victory.

"An Exhilarating Ride"

Founded in 1999 by Chip Lofton, has emerged as one of the industry’s leading air-to-non-air suspension conversion kit manufacturers and suppliers. The company produces affordable solutions to problems caused by air, magnetic, hydraulic and electronic suspension systems. The company started when Lofton needed to repair his family’s only vehicle. It was then he realized he could help others with the simple, yet innovative solution he had found. Since that time, Strutmasters has grown from a small regional operation to delivering suspension conversion kits all around the globe, earning the moniker “The Suspension Experts.” “I am honored to come on board as sponsor of Clay Millican and Stringer Performance,” said Lofton. “It's been an exhilarating ride this season and I'm looking forward to more during the finals and next season as takes a more predominant role with the team. Clay and this entire team are incredible ambassadors for our brand, both on the track and off and we have seen immense value from this relationship. I am excited to see this partnership grow into the future.”

"A True Partnership"

Doug Stringer, Stringer Performance owner, says he is delighted to see Strutmasters take a larger role in the team. “ has been a great partner of our team over the course of the last two seasons,” said Stringer. “The NHRA is an excellent marketing platform for them. I’m excited for them to step into a major partner role in 2019. It's a good opportunity to capitalize on the marketing value associated with primary sponsorship. Chip Lofton is a very involved partner and his excitement is contagious. It’s a true partnership and we look forward to doing everything on our end to assist reach their marketing goals.”

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