Strutmasters inks sponsorship deal with Foley Lewis Racing

Strutmasters inks sponsorship deal with Foley Lewis Racing

David Straughan
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Former IHRA Pro Rookie of the Year (2004) Doug Foley is making his return to NHRA Top Fuel Racing in 2020. Joining him will be Chip Lofton and Strutmasters, as the company has signed on to sponsor Foley Lewis Racing for the upcoming year. Foley announced in October that he was renewing his NHRA Top Fuel license. After finalizing the racing team’s schedule of eight races in 2020, Strutmasters was the first major sponsor to jump on board. “It feels good to have companies like support a team that literally hasn’t competed yet,” said Foley.

Foley getting back to racing form

The Mooresville, NC-based driver last raced in NHRA Top Fuel in 2011. Foley and partner Tim Lewis returned to the NHRA in 2019. The team earned two No. 1 qualifying awards and a runner-up finish competing in the Top Alcohol division. As a tandem, Foley and Lewis had a successful run in the IHRA in the mid-to-late 2000’s. During that time they won several national events. Foley also competed part-time in the NHRA over this stretch, making the semifinal rounds on several occasions.

Strutmasters a natural fit for Foley Lewis Racing

Foley expressed his excitement of working with Lofton, who founded Strutmasters in 1999. Lofton has become a regular figure in the pits over the last few seasons. He and his company sponsor several drivers in various classes. “There’s a lot of teams they could go to,” said Foley. “For Chip to have the confidence in us, it means a lot. I think a lot of it had to do with our past competition. I think he felt confident that in a little bit of time we will be competitive.” According to Foley, the partnership is a natural fit. “I’ve gotten the opportunity on two occasions to spend some time with Chip,” said Foley “You really couldn’t find a more down-to-earth guy. Especially for someone who’s so successful. I think those are qualities that we have also, which excites me about growing the relationship in the future.”

The future of Foley Lewis Racing

Foley Lewis Racing is far from done. They are currently working on locking down more sponsorship heading into next season. However, the team hasn’t lost sight of the big boost from the Suspension Experts, who have helped jump start their 2020 bid. “The hope is that this is the beginning of several announcements over the winter,” said Foley. “But we’re excited that somebody had the faith in us to get the ball rolling. We’ll do everything we can to represent Chip and well.”

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