Make your Kawasaki Vulcan the ultimate touring bike with one simple mod

Make your Kawasaki Vulcan the ultimate touring bike with one simple mod

David Straughan
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The Kawasaki Vulcan is one heck of a touring machine. Celebrated for its handling and performance, the Vulcan has become a favorite among Japanese V-Twin cruisers. However, one area in which many agree the bike can be improved is rider comfort. As Overdrive noted in its review, “The handlebar-seat-footpeg combination...makes opening the throttle fully a little awkward. Footpegs are adjustable and can be moved forward or backward by an inch though you will need to buy linkage rods for the gear shifter separately. The stepped seat supports the tailbone well but cushioning could have been slightly softer”. Many Vulcan owners are left with no choice but to either put up with some discomfort, or make permanent hard changes to the motorcycle. Neither of these are great options. Therefore, the Kawasaki Vulcan community had much to celebrate when Strutmasters released an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension for the Japanese cruiser.

Extra comfort for your Kawasaki Vulcan

A slightly uncomfortable ride isn’t the biggest problem when you’re going from point A to point B in a limited amount of time. However, as you stay on the bike for longer rides, a slight discomfort can turn into a major pain. Therefore, everything the Kawasaki Vulcan has to offer as a touring bike is slightly diminished as a result of this discomfort. That’s one of several reasons why this kit is such a relief to Vulcan owners. Air suspensions are noted primarily for their ride comfort. Air suspensions are active suspensions. That means they respond to changes in the road by increasing or reducing the air pressure in the air strut. The result is a smoother ride than you ever thought possible for your Vulcan. The extra comfort means you can spend more time enjoying your bike and less time recovering from road hours.

Adjustable height to accommodate all riders

The Vulcan, like most cruisers, has been designed to be comfortable and easy to mount. However, it’s designed for the “average” rider and Vulcan riders come in all shapes and sizes. Many riders who are taller than average find the foot peg placing to be uncomfortable. Shorter riders might find the bike difficult to mount and dismount. The adjustability of the EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension allows you to put the height at whatever is easiest and most comfortable to you. Taller riders can gain more leg room for extra comfort on long rides. Shorter riders can drop the bike down to make it easier to get on and off. This feature also applies to your passengers. While your Vulcan may sit at the right height for you to mount or dismount easily, your passenger is likely not the exact same height as you. You can adjust easily to accommodate them as well. Whatever the need, an adjustable air suspension will make your Kawasaki Vulcan exponentially more rider-friendly. Because no one is truly “average.”

Achieve that lowrider look without sacrificing function

There are a lot of practical reasons, including those listed above, to outfit your Vulcan with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension. However, the fun reasons also deserve a mention. Most cruiser owners have at least daydreamed about pushing a lowrider around town. It’s easy to see why. They look incredibly cool. However, these owners have had the same set of less-than-ideal options to achieve that look. Most involving permanent modifications to the bike. In addition, when a bike is permanently lowered, you sacrifice a lot of function. Lowrider bikes often need additional routine maintenance. They lose a great deal of cornering capability. In general, they are more difficult to handle and require much more care and concern when driving. The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension is fully adjustable. It allows you to drop your Vulcan down when it’s time to skate by and show off the bike. When you’re ready to do some more serious riding, all you need to do is inflate it up to a more practical ride height. While both kits are adjustable, the Ultimate kit for your Kawasaki Vulcan allows you to adjust with just the push of a button.

Ready to convert?

You might think that such a revolutionary modification would cost thousands to install. However, the Ultimate kit--which allows for adjustments at the touch of a button--is just $599. The Basic kit costs just $199. These motorcycle air suspension kits are relatively simple and easy to install. That means you can probably do it yourself at home if you’re handy with a wrench. If not, it should be a quick and inexpensive job for your mechanic. Once you’re ready to convert, purchase your desired kit online. You can also call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 239-4896 to get more information about the kits and make sure you have the right kit for your needs.

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