How Do Air Suspension Kits Work

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Air suspension kits have become a go-to product for many gear heads and automotive enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. These kits are designed to improve capabilities and ensure a smoother, more enjoyable performance for all types of vehicles. But how exactly do air suspension kits work?

brochure-sideWhat are Air Suspension Kits?

Air suspension kits include all of the items needed to convert coil suspensions into air suspensions. There’s a different kit for every application. For instance, there are kits with air suspension parts specifically designed just to configure the ride height for performance. There are also kits with parts designed just to enhance towing and hauling capabilities. When properly installed, air suspension kits will help a vehicle to tow and carry more cargo and drive more smoothly.

How Air Suspension Kits Work

Air suspension kits let the driver adjust the height of their vehicle to their exact specifications to improve performance or capabilities. Each kit comes with a variety of air suspension parts, like air springs and an air compressor. Air springs are essentially air bags made of durable textile rubber. They’re installed at each corner of the car and designed to support the vehicle and cushion shock to ensure a smooth ride. The air springs are connected to the air compressor through air lines. The air compressor uses pressurized air to inflate each bag until your car is at the height you want.

Air suspension kits may also come with advanced sensors. These monitor the ride height and send the information to the onboard compressor system. If the sensors see the car is riding too low or too high, the system will inflate or deflate the bags automatically. Other air suspension kits also allow you to adjust the height manually with a push of a button.

Performance Capabilities with Air Suspension Kits

In addition to improved overall performance, air suspension kits are often used to increase load capacities for trucks. Air suspension kits designed for towing work the same way as other kits. The air compressor inflates air springs to get your vehicle to the desired height. However, the rear air bags may inflate more than the others. This causes the back end of the car to be raised higher. The air bags will provide better support for your truck when hauling heavy cargo. Plus the additional height will compensate for the extra weight added to the back of your car. This will ensure that your truck stays level while traveling to avoid bottoming out and rear end sag.

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Air suspension kits are designed to provide a number of performance benefits for many types of vehicles. So if you’re interested in learning how air suspension kits work for your car, call Strutmasters at 888-218-9344 or contact us online today.

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