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Hyundai Equus suspension problems

Hyundai Equus suspension problems? Here's the perfect solution

by David Straughan on August 27, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
The Hyundai Equus caught the luxury auto market off-guard when it debuted. Stuffed to the gills with top-shelf refinements and packed with a 468-hp V8, the Equus squares up nicely with the Lexus LS, Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The executive-class sedan absolutely competes with these luxury market standbys. It does so while costing thousands or even in some cases, tens of thousands less. One way in which the Equus is comparable to the others in its class is its employment of an air suspension. Undoubtedly, when the air suspension is fully functional, the ride is extremely smooth. However, that smooth air ride doesn’t last forever. Many Hyundai Equus owners have reported their air suspension failing at higher mileage. Let’s break down why that is.

It’s not a Hyundai Equus problem, it’s an air suspension problem

As we mentioned earlier, air suspensions are great...when they work. The problem is, that they will all wear out eventually. But why is that? The problems come from two main factors: component design and complexity.

Component design issues

Air suspensions use pressurized air bags made of flexible rubber and plastic to keep your Equus suspended off the frame. While this provides some nice cushioning and responsiveness, you can see where the problems might begin. The air springs aren’t the only components that don’t really hold up. The air lines that carry the air from the compressor to the air springs are made of a flexible rubber tubing. Those are prone to punctures and tears. When the components aren’t made of flexible materials, they often feature moving parts. For example, the ride height sensors move up and down constantly while they take readings. Any and all moving parts eventually wear down. Furthermore, air suspensions are electronically-controlled. Electronic components have more ways to fail than non-electronic components. An air suspension is completely reliant on its control module, basically a miniature computer.

Complexity issues

However, the biggest factor in air suspension failure is the overall complexity of the system. These systems are a vast network of moving parts and electronics. Each component in the system has its own ways of failing. When one component fails, the others will overwork themselves to try and compensate. This will lead to rapid decline in the other components. Overall, the success of the system depends on each part working perfectly. When one doesn’t, the whole system suffers. With so many parts in an air suspension system, the risk of failure is high, approaching certainty.

Air suspension repair options for your Hyundai Equus

When you take your Equus into the Hyundai shop, they will likely suggest you replace the busted components with OEM parts. This repair bill may not seem too high. But keep in mind, these components are all eventually likely to wear out. This is just the first repair. Picture getting this bill periodically for the rest of your car’s life. So what can you do? If a broken air suspension is so expensive to fix, are there any other options?

Fix it once, fix it right

There’s good news here. You can fix it once and end your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good. Better yet, you can do it for far less than it would cost to replace even just one of your air struts. Instead of fussing with that air suspension for the next several years, consider just ditching it entirely. Once you do that, you can convert to sturdy, reliable mechanical coils to support your Equus. This kit from Strutmasters allows you to permanently fix your Hyundai Equus suspension for just under $1,000. That’s about what it would cost you to replace just one of your air struts. These kits excel where air suspensions fall flat. They are made of rugged stainless steel, cold wound for optimum strength. Produced right here in the USA, with quality you can count on. The true beauty of the Strutmasters design is the simplicity. No moving parts, no electronics. These kits rely on tried-and-true mechanical resistance to do the job. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll find that your Equus rides more or less like it did when it was new. Each kit also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. As long as your car is on the road, your Strutmasters suspension is guaranteed. Ready to end your Hyundai Equus air suspension problems for good? Order your kit online or call our Suspension Experts at (866) 722-1707. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need and will answer any questions you may have.

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