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Infiniti QX56 suspension issues

Why your Infiniti QX56 suspension fails, and how to fix it for good

by Troy Hammond on June 05, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

Infiniti’s QX56 was the Japanese luxury automaker’s update to the Nissan Armada. Based off the same platform, the QX56 offered refinement and class in the crowded full-size SUV market. With finishing touches like a Bose sound system and adaptive cruise control, the Infiniti QX56 competed with luxury brands from around the world.

Despite its refinements, many QX56 owners have reported issues with a failing suspension. Often times this comes in the form of a sagging rear end of the vehicle. However, it can also appear in the form of increased stopping distance, “squatting” when coming to a stop, or the vehicle not being able to maintain proper ride height.

There are a number of reasons why this issue is so prevalent among Infiniti QX56 owners. Let’s explore why.

Infiniti QX56 and its air suspension system

Beginning in 2004, the Infiniti QX56 was outfitted with an active air suspension. This system allowed for a super comfortable ride.

The active suspension works by constantly taking readings of the ride height at each wheel. It then transmits this information to a central computer or control module. The computer decides how much each corner of the vehicle needs to be raised or lowered. Once it does this, it sends a signal to an air compressor. This compressor pumps air through the system and into each airbag, inflating or deflating the corner to its proper ride height.

All this complexity makes for a wonderful, responsive, cloud-like ride. The problem is, it also leads to almost certain failure of the system.

Why Infiniti QX56 air suspensions fail

There are two main reasons air suspensions fail and the Infiniti QX56 is no different. The first is due to just what we mentioned above. Air suspensions are incredibly complex. They are made up of many components, all of which depend on each other to work. If, for example, there is a leak in an air line, the compressor will work much harder to keep the system inflated. Even something as small as a poorly-aligned gasket can throw the whole system out of whack.

The other big reason that air suspensions fail consistently is that many of the components are either moving parts or are made of flexible (and therefore flimsy) materials. Components such as the ride height sensor are constantly moving and rubbing up against themselves and other components. No matter how well-constructed a part is, this will always result in eventual failure.

Other parts, like the airbags, need to be flexible to serve their purpose. These components have a very high risk of tearing, being punctured, or dry-rotting in bad weather and storage conditions. Put together, failure of the system in some way, shape, or form is completely inevitable.

How to fix your Infiniti QX56 suspension

The Infiniti dealership will probably recommend that you just replace your air suspension components with OEM parts. This nets them both a sale and some serious time under the hood, leaving your wallet looking slim. To add insult to injury, the failure rate of air suspensions means you’ll probably be back to fix another component soon.

Here’s another option for you to consider. Why keep bothering with that air suspension at all?

Surely it has served you well during its useful lifetime. However, at this point in your QX64 lifetime, do you really want to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours at the shop to keep it? You don’t have to.

The Infiniti QX56 suspension solution

Rather than continue to fuss with that air suspension, you can just ditch it entirely and replace it. This kit from Strutmasters will allow you to replace your rear air suspension for under $500. That’s less than half of what it would cost you to replace it with air suspension components from the factory.

Instead of rubber sacks filled with air, this traditional suspension uses mechanical resistance to keep your car at its proper ride height. Engineered with Strutmasters’ patented GlideRide Technology, these properly rated springs ensure your new ride feels as close to the original as possible. Unlike those complex air suspension systems, this suspension kit is so simple you can install it yourself with tools you probably already have. Most QX56 owners find that they can replace their suspensions in about one hour per wheel.

Every kit comes packaged with detailed instructions to help even the most novice DIYer install their own suspension. If that doesn’t work, Strutmasters’ YouTube channel also has videos to guide you through the process:

Best of all, each Infiniti QX56 suspension replacement kit comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means that your suspension is guaranteed as long as your vehicle is on the road under most circumstances.

Are you ready to make the switch and end your Infiniti QX56 suspension problems for good? Order online or give one of our Suspension Experts a call at (866) 715-6013 to get exactly what you need today!

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