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Nissan Armada air suspension problems

4 signs your Nissan Armada air suspension is failing, and what to do

by Troy Hammond on April 04, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

The Nissan Armada is a big, luxurious family SUV based on the Japanese manufacturer’s popular Titan pickup truck. The first generation of the Armada came equipped with an active air suspension. This air suspension provided a smooth ride that helped give the interior a true feeling of luxury.

Your Armada’s air suspension has a network of sensors, airbags, control modules and a compressor to keep the ride inflated to the right height. This system works great--until one or more of the components goes out. But how will you know when something has gone wrong? Your Armada comes equipped with a suspension warning light. If your suspension warning light is on, take it to your mechanic right away.

However, there are some warning signs that your Armada air suspension is broken that you may spot before the light comes on.

Nissan Armada is sagging in the rear or in one corner

When one of the airbags is broken, punctured or torn, it will be unable to support the weight of the vehicle at that corner properly. Typically, it is the rear airbags that break down first. That is why one of the most common signs of air suspension failure is a sagging rear end of the vehicle.

However, you may also notice that one corner of the Armada is dipping down. This also indicates a problem with the airbags. Airbags are made of a flexible rubber and plastic blend. They must be flexible in order to function properly. The problem with this is that these materials are not meant to last forever, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Over time, it is natural for the airbags in your Armada to become cracked, punctured or otherwise worn out. They also tend to wear out at the same rate. Because of this, it is a good idea to replace all of them at the same time.

A noisy compressor

The air compressor in your Armada generates pressurized air. It then pumps this air into the airbags to keep the car at the proper ride height. You will typically not hear or notice the compressor. If you do, it most likely indicates a problem.

A compressor that runs for more than 15-20 seconds per cycle is one that is running for too long and working too hard. This indicates that the suspension system is having trouble inflating the air springs. That could mean that there is a problem in any number of places. There could be a puncture in the air lines. These carry the pressurized air from the compressor to the air springs.

There might be a puncture in one of the airbags themselves. Or there could be a computer malfunction in the control module. Maybe there is a problem with the ride height sensors. The same goes for if the compressor sounds very noisy. That would mean that it is working too hard.

Your Nissan does a “nose dive”

One of the many functions of your suspension is to spread out the force of the car stopping across the entire car. When it is working properly, the car will come to a smooth and even stop. If you notice that your Armada seems to be lurching or jerking forward when coming to a stop, there is probably an issue with your suspension.

When the suspension wears down, it is unable to provide as much resistance to the weight of the car coming to a stop. Therefore, the body of the car will continue to move forward while the wheels are stopped. This results in what is commonly known as the “nose dive.” The rear end of the car pops up while the front end of the car dives down. If you notice this in your Armada you likely have suspension issues.

Your Armada brakes are fine but stopping takes way too long

As we mentioned before, much of the force of stopping your vehicle is absorbed by your suspension. If the suspension is not working properly, it becomes more difficult for your Armada to come to a complete stop. The car is asking your brake calipers to hold much more weight than before.

This will result in a noticeable increase in stopping distance. You can see why having a properly functioning suspension in your Armada is important. It can be the difference between getting into an accident and safely avoiding one.

What to do about your failing Armada suspension

If you’ve noticed these signs or any others, it’s time to get serious about repairing your Nissan Armada. It’s a great family vehicle and if you don’t have any other significant mechanical issues, there’s no need to get rid of it just yet. The other big problem with air suspensions is that they are incredibly expensive to fix or replace. For many people, the cost of repairing that air suspension could exceed the cost of the car itself!


But thankfully, there is an alternative. We have engineered a kit that will fully replace your Armada suspension with sturdy, dependable coils. Unlike that faulty air suspension, these coilover struts use real mechanical force to support and stabilize your Nissan. There are no moving parts to wear down and no flimsy materials to crack, snap or break.

Our engineers have spent countless hours ensuring they are properly tuned and rated to provide you with the perfect ride. That’s what Strutmasters’ patented GlideRide Technology is all about. Best of all, we offer a limited lifetime guarantee. That means that for less than $750 you can replace all four wheels of your Armada suspension and never have to pay for struts or coils again as long as you own the vehicle.

When you’re ready to end your Nissan Armada air suspension problems, give us a call at (866) 684-0528 and let one of our Suspension Experts get you exactly what you need!

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