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How to Save Fuel with Air Suspension Kits

by Scott Beaddles on August 26, 2016 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
There’s no doubt that fuel economy has become one of the most important automotive aspects throughout the years. Many drivers have taken the steps needed to help their vehicles produce a greener performance. However, one thing can still lead to decreased fuel economy: your vehicle’s suspension system. Traditional spring suspension systems are known for their durability, but they’re unfortunately one of the biggest reasons for reduced vehicle efficiency. But installing an air suspension kit can prevent that. Here’s why.

Traditional Suspension Systems and Efficiency

Brochure Side 2Traditional suspension systems like coil spring or leaf spring systems can deliver a great performance and impressive towing capabilities. Unfortunately, they can cause reduced fuel economy in many vehicles. Vehicles with these types of suspension systems may notice a less efficient performance when towing and hauling. The additional weight on the vehicle can cause the engine to work harder and burn more fuel. This is because towing heavy cargo affects traditional suspension systems’ performance. For example, the extra weight can reduce or flatten the arch and springs of a truck’s rear leaf spring suspension. This decreases the springs’ ability to support the weight so the back of the truck sags or bottoms out. As a result, the extra weight puts pressure on the axle and wheels, which presses the tires into the ground, creating added roll resistance. Traditional suspension systems are also not customizable so they can’t be adjusted to help the vehicle deliver a smoother more fuel efficient performance.

How Air Suspensions Enhance Fuel Economy

While traditional spring suspensions are known to decrease efficiency, air suspensions are different. They use more than just springs to ensure support. Air suspension systems also use air springs. Air springs as well as other air suspension parts are designed to better support extra weight and even improve cargo capacity. When installed, an air suspension kit can raise the vehicle to compensate for any additional weight. This keeps the car level and prevents from sagging and bottoming out. Plus, when the vehicle is properly supported, the weight and road energy is absorbed within the system. This minimizes the pressure on the tires so there’s minimal roll resistance. As a result, the vehicle performs smoothly and more efficiently. Best of all, some air suspension kits contain parts that allow you to adjust the height of your car to meet performance needs. For instance, if you’re traveling at highway speeds, you can lower the vehicle to reduce air resistance and drag for a more aerodynamic performance and increased fuel economy. Air suspension kits are more than just advanced automotive parts that deliver a smooth ride. They’re also one of the most helpful ways to ensure great fuel economy for your vehicle. To learn more about air suspension kits and how they enhance fuel economy, call Strutmasters at 888-218-9344 or contact us online.

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