How Long Do Air Suspension Parts Last?

Like all automotive parts, the parts in your air suspension system won’t last forever. With time, normal wear and tear and unexpected damage will cause them to deteriorate or even fail. So how long do air suspension parts typically last?

How Long Does Each Part Last?

Each part in your air suspension system will eventually wear down, causing decreased performance and capabilities. Many believe that certain parts, like air springs, can last until about 80,000 to 100,000 miles. However, that’s not always the case. Knowing how long these parts can last will depend on your personal driving habits.

For example, if how you drive requires more effort from your air suspension (e.g., regular towing and hauling), the parts will wear down faster than a commuter just driving to work every day.

Air Suspension Parts Warning Signs

Brochure Side 2Internal damage can also affect the life span of air suspension parts. It’s best to have these parts repaired as soon as you notice the following common air suspension warning signs.

  • Active suspension warning light: Each vehicle has a different air suspension dashboard warning light, so check your owner’s manual to see what the suspension symbol for your car is. An active air suspension light is the general warning that alerts of internal damage. 
  • Loud compressor: When the system’s air compressor is having issues, the part will start to produce a loud humming noise. You’ll most likely hear this around your wheels. 
  • Air compressor is always on: When the air compressor is always on, one of two things could be happening: The compressor is malfunctioning or there’s a leak in the system. 
  • Lowered vehicle stance: A drop in height is a clear-cut sign that there’s an air leak in the system or that the air spring has blown completely.

Again, you’ll want to have these issues inspected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

A Long-Term Solution to Air Suspension Issues

Repairing your vehicle’s air suspension can help to restore the system’s parts to their pristine condition. But repairs only serve as a temporary solution as these parts will wear down and need additional services again.

However, there’s a long-term solution to these air suspension issues: installing an air suspension conversion kit. Air suspension conversion kits convert an air suspension to a traditional coil suspension.

Coil suspensions are made with more durable materials and last much longer than air suspensions. And because of that, they can help you to save on maintenance and repair costs.

To learn more about air suspension conversion kits, contact Strutmasters at 866-597-2397 or reach out to us online.

While there’s no definitive time frame as to how long air suspension parts will last, understanding your driving patterns as well as the common air suspension warning signs listed above will help you to know when it’s time to have them repaired or replaced.

And if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, consider an air suspension conversion kit from Strutmasters.