Why Your Lincoln Navigator Has Suspension Problems

Has your Lincoln Navigator been having more and more suspension problems lately? Even if you don’t have a suspension warning light on your Navigator, you may have noticed other symptoms of a worn-out suspension.

Perhaps the most common sign of Lincoln Navigator air suspension failure is a sagging rear end of the vehicle. Another way to tell if your suspension has gone bad is if your Navigator does a “nose dive” when coming to a stop. That’s when the rear end lifts up and the front end dips down.

You may also have noticed a noisy air compressor in your Navigator. It may not even be able to maintain proper ride height.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms with your Lincoln Navigator, you likely have air suspension trouble. But why?

Let’s explore some of the common reasons for Lincoln Navigator suspension problems.


Your Navigator is a big, heavy vehicle.


The Lincoln Navigator is a big vehicle. That’s probably part of the reason you got it.

While that size is great for carting the family or cargo around, it comes a price. It makes for a very heavy vehicle. At around 6,000 pounds unloaded, that’s a lot to ask of an air suspension.


Lincoln Navigator suspension problem


Over time, this load will bear down on your air suspension system. Components like the air bags, which use compressed air to support the weight of the vehicle, need to be made of flexible materials.

Those materials, like rubber and plastic, can only do the job for so long. They are prone to wearing out or even rotting and cracking.

Once there is a weak point in the airbag, all that weight bearing down on it will accelerate the problem.


A complex system


Air suspension systems provide an excellent ride. The active suspension is able to read the road surface and make instant adjustments to the suspension. This makes for an extremely smooth journey.

However, in order to do so, the Lincoln Navigator relies on a complex system of electronics, mechanical parts, and components made of flexible materials.

Although this system makes a great ride, it relies on every component in the chain working properly.

For example, your Navigator has four ride height sensors. One at each wheel. These read the height of the car and send that information electronically to a control module.

The ride height sensors in your Navigator are moving parts. Like all moving parts, they will eventually wear down and need replacement.

However, if your ride height sensor isn’t functioning perfectly, it will throw the entire system off. This will cause other components to wear out more quickly as they operate at less-than-ideal efficiency.

This is true of almost any of the nearly dozen components in your Lincoln Navigator air suspension system.


How to fix your Lincoln Navigator suspension


After considering everything you know about air suspensions, does it seem like it makes sense to spend thousands to fix it?

Probably not. But what choices do you have?

You could save a little money by going with third-party air suspension parts. But that will just leave you in the same predicament down the line as you wait for them to fail.

However, you do have another option. You can get rid of that air suspension altogether and replace it with something sturdy, simple, and reliable.

Strutmasters offers several kits to replace your Lincoln Navigator air suspension with a robust mechanical coil suspension.

These conversion kits are made right here in the USA to ensure high quality. They will replace two or all four wheels of your Navigator at a tiny fraction of the cost of what a new air suspension would cost you.



Once you install the conversion, you’ll notice that your ride feels more or less the same. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide Ride Technology, you’ll enjoy a ride that’s comfortable and on par with your air suspension.

Rather than the dozen or so components involved in your air suspension, these kits rely on simple cold-wound mechanical coils and a robust steel strut to support your Navigator.

In fact, these kits are so simple, many of our customers choose to install them at home. With packaged instructions and an installation video online, even the novice DIYer should have no problem installing their new struts.

This means even more savings on top of not having to buy a new air suspension.


Ready to convert?


Don’t let a bad air suspension bring you and your Lincoln Navigator down. Make the switch today!

Order online or call us at (866) 715-6013 to speak to one of our Suspension Experts. They’ll help you get exactly what you need to get back on the road with confidence!