This one mod turns your Honda Shadow into the ultimate touring machine

This one mod turns your Honda Shadow into the ultimate touring machine

David Straughan
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The Honda Shadow is already a wonderful touring motorcycle. It’s got reliability and comfort along with a V-Twin engine that’s made for big, open American roads. However, did you know that your Honda Shadow can get even better? Riders all around the country are starting to learn about the advantages of adding an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension to their Shadow. These owners find that the new addition takes their Shadow from great road bike to the ultimate touring machine. Here are some of the ways an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension will improve your Honda Shadow riding experience.
Take your Honda Shadow from great to amazing with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension!

Touring-friendly suspension

Touring on your Honda Shadow is already a pleasure. That’s probably one of the main reasons you bought it. But don’t you think it could just be a little more comfortable? While the standard forks on your Honda Shadow are sturdy and reliable, they don’t do the best job at dampening the dips and bumps in the road. The EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension is perfect for touring. Air-supported struts absorb much more of the “travel” when the bike goes over uneven road surfaces. That means you’ll feel less of them. Without the constant knocks and vibrations, your wrists (and your behind) will breathe a sigh of relief. The lack of soreness and fatigue means you’ll be able to put more hours in on your Shadow each ride.

Even passengers will enjoy better touring

Let’s face it, even the Honda Shadow with all its space and amenities isn’t great for passengers. Motorcycles are typically built for just the rider. Passengers are almost always an afterthought. However, with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension, your passengers will enjoy more support and comfort than they’ve ever had before. This air suspension can be adjusted for support. That means that you can accommodate the extra weight with ease. No need to adjust your riding stance or turning angles. The adjustable support gives you the opportunity to tune your suspension to give you and your passenger the best possible ride. That means more touring time on the bike for both of you.

Adjustable stiffness for touring flexibility

Rarely ever do you go out for a long ride on your Honda Shadow simply to find a long, straight road that never changes. Rather, Honda Shadow owners are the type to seek out variety. That variety means you’ll face different road grades, altitudes and even surfaces. Rather than one “jack-of-all-trades” suspension, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to adjust for these changes? With the EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension you can do just that. With your new air suspension you’ll be able to adjust your suspension’s stiffness to accommodate changes in the road. This is not only more comfortable, but safer as well. When you can adjust for stiffness, you can tailor the handling of the bike to whatever road your own. This means a safer, more secure ride.

Options for your Honda Shadow

Currently, Strutmasters offers two packages to upgrade your Honda Shadow to an EZ Rider Air Suspension. Our basic package does everything you need it to. You can raise, lower and adjust the stiffness of your Honda Shadow to your liking. With the Ultimate package, you can adjust your air suspension with just the touch of a button. Can’t decide which to buy for your bike? Call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 676-4457. They’ll help you figure out what’s best for you and your Honda Shadow. This fall, take back the road with an EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension!

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