Glossary of Common Air Suspension Parts and Terms

Get a better understanding of your air suspension but first learning the key parts and terms associated with your suspension.

  • Active Suspension - Computer controlled suspension system with double acting solenoids at each wheel.
  • Air Lines - Plastic lines that move air from compressor to air spring.
  • Air Spring - An air filled membrane that replaces the conventional coil spring.
  • Air Strut - A strut with an air spring incorporated on to it.
  • Bushing - Allows upward and downward control arm movement and absorb wheel impacts and vibrations.
  • Compressor - Devise that produces and delivers the air in a air suspension
  • Control Arm - Control lateral (side to tide ) Wheel movement.
  • Dampening - Reduces or restricts up and down movement.
  • Dryer - Removes moisture from air produced for air springs.
  • Electronic/Magnetic Suspension - This type of active suspension uses linear electromagnetic motors attached to each wheel. It provides extremely fast response, and allows regeneration of power consumed, by using the motors as generators
  • Height Sensors - Send a electronic signal to the suspension computer to relay the height of the vehicle.
  • Hydraulic suspension - . Almost instantly, the servo-regulated suspension generates counter forces to body lean, dive, and squat during driving maneuvers
  • Lift Kit - is a modification to raise the ride height of a vehicle
  • Load Leveling Kit - Maintains vehicle height and stability when hauling or towing heavy loads.
  • Module - electrical control unit for active suspension systems
  • Mount Studs - studs used to attach a mount
  • OE parts - Original Manufacturer equipment.
  • Passive Suspension - Suspension containing normal shocks and struts(non computer controlled)
  • Shock Absorber - A hydraulic mechanism connected between the Chassis and the suspension to control spring action.
  • Shock Bolt - bolt used to mount the shock to the frame
  • Shock Mount - is a mechanical fastener that connects two parts elastically
  • Solenoid - An electrically controlled valve to allow air in and out of an air spring or strut.
  • Suspension Conversion Kit - Changes an O E M syle active suspension to a passive style suspension
  • Suspension Warning light - Warns the operator of a potential hazard or fault in the suspension system only.
  • Strut - Components connected from the top of the steering knuckle to the upper strut mount that maintain the knuckle position and act as a shock absorber to control spring action.
  • Strut Bearing - Allows the strut assembly to swivel with the steering system.
  • Strut Mount - the devise used to attach the strut to the vehicle.
  • Sway Bar - Reduces or restricts body roll.
  • Sway Bar Links - Attach the sway bar to the control arm
  • Torsion Bar - torsion bars take the place of a coil spring in controlling vehicle height and load.
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