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From their refined interiors to their power and superior ride, the Jaguar is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. The suspension on your Jaguar is equipped with air suspension technology which offers the most comfortable ride available. This system is made up of many air and electronic parts, which must function in sync in order for the system to function properly.
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Unfortunately, the air suspension system is made up of delicate electronic and rubber parts that are easily affected by weather and road conditions. The rubber air bags dry out and develop leaks causing your Jag to sag. At first the compressor will keep the car inflated by constantly pumping air into the system but soon the compressor burns out and seemingly overnight you find your Jaguar has dropped making it undrivable. Repairing your air suspension at the dealership could cost up to $9,000.
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However, by sacrificing a small amount of your ride comfort you can save yourself thousands by switching to a coil spring suspension that is designed specifically for your Jaguar to return it to it's factory ride height. Strutmasters uses premium Eibach coil springs which are made using a cold winding process that preserves the integrity of the steel so that you never have to worry about your Jaguar sagging for as long as you own it. Which means you get to enjoy your Jaguar for many years to come!
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Why Buy From Strutmasters?

We Invented the Conversion
We invented the air suspension conversion almost 20 years ago as an alternative to expensive air ride replacement on our own vehicle. We understand how important your Jaguar is to you because we were once in your shoes.
Assembled in America
Your kit is specifically designed by our engineers to fit your vehicle to ensure that you maintain proper ride height and get as close as possible to air ride quality as possible. We are the only company who assembles their product right here in the U.S. to ensure you get the highest quality product.
We Use Eibach Springs
We exclusively offer Eibach cold wound springs in our kits to give you a great ride on day 1 and day 1001. The cold wound process allows the integrity of the steel to remain intact, which means that over time the spring won't compress allowing you to maintain proper ride height for the life of your vehicle.
Warning Light Elimination
Our engineers have designed an electronic module specifically for your Jaguar to remove the suspension warning light on your console. The module ensures that your Jaguar's computer gets the right information so that it can function properly.
ASE Certified Tech Support
Strutmasters is the only company that has ASE certified mechanics available to answer your questions whether your installing it yourself or having your local repair shop working on your Jaguar.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Because we use only the best componenets and assemble them ourselves we can stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Your springs are guaranteed as long as you own your Jaguar.
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