Once a Vehicle Reaches 100,000 Miles, BIG Repairs are Imminent

One Of The Most Expensive Repairs Is Your Suspension System

    • Mercedes Benz Vehicles have some of the most sophisticated and expensive suspension systems on the road.
    • Some Vehicles are equipped with an Air Suspension while others have an Active Hydraulic System (ABC -- Active Body Control).
    • Both of these systems are expensive to maintain and have a 100% Failure Rate.

Why Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Fails?


Normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements causes the Airmatic system’s rubber air springs to dry rot. Tiny cracks slowly leak air from the system, causing the onboard air compressor to run endlessly until it gets overworked and shuts down. The air springs collapse and the vehicle’s suspension drops from three to five inches.

Active Body Control

This system pumps hydraulic fluid at extremely high pressure through sophisticated and expensive struts on each corner of the vehicle. Leaks in rubber o-rings, high-pressure lines or the struts themselves eventually run the system low or completely out of fluid. This burns up the pump, dropping the vehicle’s suspension from three to five inches.

To Make Matters Worse

Both of these suspension systems rely heavily on data gathered from a network of from electronic sensors and computers throughout the vehicle. Replacing a few components may not be enough. One failure in the electronic network can shut down the entire suspension.

Work On Factory Suspension OR Install a Conversion Kit

Keep The Factory System

We understand some people would prefer to keep the “active” factory suspension, using Original Equipment parts. This may be the first of several repairs needed to maintain the factory suspension system. If you choose this route, check with Strutmasters BEFORE you spend thousands elsewhere. Strutmasters carries many aftermarket suspension components at the lowest prices around.

Install A Conversion Kit

Strutmasters invented the world’s first fully-assembled suspension conversion kit in 1999 as a cost-effective alternative to expensive repair of the factory suspension. Our conversion kits feature Eibach brand coil springs to get you closer to the original factory ride quality than other product on the market. Each kit is designed from the chassis of an actual vehicle and is a permanent solution to the problem.

Why Strutmasters Is The Best

We Invented the Conversion Kit

We understand an expensive suspension failure can catch you off guard! It happened to our founder and CEO Chip Lofton on his personal vehicle. That’s what led Strutmasters to invent the first fully-assembled suspension conversion kit in 1999.

Assembled in America

Strutmasters conversion kits are designed from an actual vehicle, just like yours. We assemble, sell, ship and service all of our conversion kits from our facility in North Carolina. It costs us more, but we do this to ensure you get the highest quality product.

We Use Eibach Springs

Our conversion kits feature coil springs made to our exact specifications by Eibach in California. They use the highest quality German steel and a cold-winding process to make sure your springs will never sag or settle. And they ride better than any other coil springs on the market!

Warning Light Elimination

We WON’T leave the light on! Our engineers have designed an electronic module specifically for your Mercedes to remove the suspension warning light. The module ensures your computer system gets the right information so the electronics behave normally.

ASE Certified Tech Support

We own a repair shop and install our own products. Strutmasters is the only company to provide access to ASE-certified mechanics to answer questions for the do-it-yourselfer or repair shop personnel installing our conversion kits.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Because we use only the best components and assemble them ourselves we can stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Your conversion kit is guaranteed as long as you own your Mercedes.
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