A camber kit is a simple, but effective way to adjust the inward or outward tilt of the front wheels (as viewed from the front of the vehicle). This helps achieve better front wheel alignment settings, improving handling and providing more even tire wear.

What Are Camber Kits

A camber kit is a set of vehicle-specific bolts and washers, designed to provide adjustment of the front-end camber as the bolts are turned.

Camber is defined as the inward or outward tilt of the front wheels as viewed from the front of the vehicle.

Some benefits of installing a camber kit include: Helps achieve correct front end alignment settings May reduce or eliminate vehicle pulling to one side Provides more even tread wear of the front tires Camber kit is perfect replacement for factory OE camber bolts that are rusty, corroded or damaged The perfect complement since a four-wheel alignment is recommended once a suspension conversion kit is installed A Closer Look

Align Your Ride With A Camber Kit

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