Control arms are typically an A-shaped or L-shaped component that act like a hinge, attaching a wheel's steering knuckle to the frame. Many trucks and SUVs will have an upper and lower control arm, while most modern front-wheel drive cars will have only one control arm at the bottom.

What Are Control Arms

Strutmasters is proud to offer a high-quality replacement for worn out, bent or damaged Original Equipment control arms.

Control arms act as a hinge for the suspension system and go up and down millions of cycles. Many manufacturers recommend replacing control arms and the associated bushings in them around the 90,000 to 100,000-mile range.

Some benefits of installing a new control arm: Eliminate or reduce steering wheel vibration Reduce tendency of steering to wander New bushings eliminate squeaks, rattles and clunks Improve vehicle handling and stability A Closer Look

Improve Your Ride With New Control Arms

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