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A conversion kit is a money-saving, permanent fix for vehicles with a failed air suspension system, electronic struts or shocks, or a high-pressure hydraulic system like Active Body Control. It replaces the expensive Original Equipment components with struts, shocks and springs that work WITHOUT a computer telling them what to do.

What Are Conversion Kits

A conversion kit is a simplified, direct replacement for "active" factory suspension systems - ones that rely upon computers, sensors and electronics in order to function.

For hundreds of thousands of customers, a conversion kit has ended the vicious cycle of repairing the factory system over and over again. And perhaps the biggest money saver of all - it can postpone having to buy a newer vehicle for years to come!

Other benefits of a suspension conversion kit include: Improves a bouncy or harsh ride quality Reduces uneven tire wear and adds grip Better vehicle stability and control Minimizes front end dive under hard braking Shortens vehicle stopping distance Can help restore correct ride height Signs You May Need A Suspension Conversion Kit
  • Costs way less than Original Equipment replacement parts
  • Replaces complicated, expensive parts with ones that are simple
  • Does NOT rely on electronics, sensors and computer to work
  • Bolts right in place of the factory suspension, no modifications needed
  • Delivers a good ride quality with dependable, proven components
  • Provides peace of mind - no more sudden loss of ride height
A Closer Look

Fix Your Ride with the Right Conversion Kit

Parts and Components New coil springs, struts and upper mount Proven design and engineering features High quality fluids and seals Fully assembled; saves time and labor costs strut-conversion-base.png Become a
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